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Wrist/thumb problems

Hi so I have problems with my wrist and thumb, I picked up something heavy the wrong way i have gotten x rays on it and they said nothing was wrong then I had a MRI and they said it's a tissu sprain. It hurts my thumb is numb my hand is swollen no one can touch it or else I start to cry and I can't move my wrist cuz of the throbbing pain and or bend my thumb all the way and my wrist can't even stay straight without the pain, 9 have a splint thing on but it just hurt so much. Please help I'm in so much pain not even Tylenol or Advil will work for the pain neither does ice.

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i think you should go back to your doctor and tell them that the pain relief your getting is not working and you need to try something else. dont keep bending it and moving it to see how it feels. try and keep it still in whatever is the least painful position. maybe put it on a hot water bottle too. but deffo go back and see your doctor. all the very best. love grace xoxo


I have told him that he just told me oh well keep doing that that's how it will stop hurting your in for physio anyways

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i'd wait for the physio. then you will get the proper exercises. dont hurt yourself by just bending it any old way. keep it in the position that hurts least. good luck i hope the pain eases i know how bad and horrible pain is. love grace xoxo


If it's inflammation then icing will help. 15 mins on then 45 off throughout the day. Bag of peas will do but be careful to wrap in a cloth as it will burn the skin if applied without one. These things take time. Keep the hand elavated when you can and rest it as much as possible.



My guess is that you have just had the injury. There is nothing you can really do with the hand until the swellings subside. You can do light moving moment exercises with the opposite hand and arm. This will in turn do muscle movements in the injured hand via spinal reflexes.

Depending on age you are going to need to worry about the muscles from over contracting from lack of use. If the muscle over contracts then it is going to remain painful until the over contraction is sorted. The sorting process and specific exercises to lengthen over contracted muscle can be painful.

You need to find ways of moving the injured limb as soon as it is sensible to do so. I am in the area of don't know as to when. The medical profession is also in the area of don't know as well.

Cannot give advice on pain killers. Surrendering to the pain and not fighting it will stop the pain from being worse than need be. Sit down breathe in and out gently. On each out breathe count. Count up to ten and then down to one. Just notice the breathe. If you lose the count start again at one. Just follow the breathe as you breathe in and out at the tip of your nose.

You need to arrange physiotherapy now so that it is available at the time you should be doing it.

Hope this helps.


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