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So I've been battling with my sinuses from a while now and was wondering if anyone else has gone thru this. It all started about 5 months ago I got my first sinus infection and fluid behind the ears with a bad case of vertigo. Was givin a zpack for 4 days and Claritin D. Went away. Came back and left again and then got strep from my son and sinus infection again and then went away. I now have it again where it's not going away. I've now got a bad case of brain fog and ear pressure and sinus pressure but no mucus is coming out. My nose is completely dry. Went to the doctor and was told my nose is super inflamed and gave me some Amox-clav for 10 days and a steroid med to help. Anyone else have this bad of a problem with their sinus. I feel like I'm dying. ( little dramatic there) i can hear the clicking in my nose but nothing will come out. Nose is completely dry :/

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You should be using a vaporizer! I use a small one by Vicks. You use Vicks medicated strips. I believe I found mine at drugstore . You may need one that you put water in to add moisture to the air you breathe especially at night . A hot shower should help too . I have even put Vicks or mentholem on my cheeks and under my nose . Hope this helps !

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Are you talking about a humidifier? Or is that something different. I was going to try a air purifier because I thought it would help with my allergies. I'm going to try the Vicks today! I didn't think of that. Thanks for your help!

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Humidifier would probably help too 😘

If this problem persists and you don't get any relief it might be a good idea to ask to see an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. My husband had nasal polyps and they gave him a nasal spray to help but of course this may not be what you have got but a specialist will be able to help you get some relief as they have more idea than an ordinary GP. Sounds like you have suffered for long enough - good luck and hope you soon get some help. I am sure it will be sorted out quickly when you see the right medical person.

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It's like you think sinus problems aren't like devistating, but they really are when you constantly have them. It's the worst. You feel so out of it and can't do daily things :/ I'm on a case of antibodics and steroids lucky I finish them right before a doctor app, so if this doesn't clear up. I'll be sure to say something. I've read something about the polyps. Wouldn't that show up on a ft scan? Because I've had two ft scans and they just said I have a lot of sinus pressure.

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Perhaps it's just a case of finding the right sprays or medication to try and clear up your sinus pressure. Maybe as Ronnie said, a course of antibiotics may help. I do hope you get some help soon. Good luck.

Hi, I have suffered sinusitis for 3 years now, use a spray Avamys daily and also a cream Naseptin, theese seem to keep it at bay most of the time but I do have flare up's which require antibiotics to settle it back will probably find it will go from being so dry to running like a tap or thats what I find happens, but it ain't nice, and sympathise with you, Ronnie

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Thanks! I'm on a course of antibiotics and steroids right now. Lucky enough to I finish them right before my doctors appointment. So if it doesn't clear up from those, I'll be able to tell them! Thanks again for the reply!

Try a Netti Pot with a light salt solution. For years I used a douche bag or hot water

bottle also filled with a light salt solution. Use the smallest nozzle. Hang it on your

shower rod and lean over the tub, tilt head forward and while holding one nostril

closed, insert bag nozzle into the other and let it drain out, then switch nostrils and

do the same to the other. I would often have to do it 2 or 3 times to loosen the mucous plug but it always worked and will give you some relief. Do this every time you feel

plugged up. Hope this helps.

I have the exact symptoms. The only difference is I got a shingle outbreak from all the steroids I was on. I saw another doctor last week. He took me off the steroids and told me to use a medi rinse once a day, also gave me an antihistamine nasal spray, and put me on a program using homeopathic drops that cover all known allergens. The drop get stronger and stronger as time goes by so that you build up a tolerances to anything you may be reacting to. I just started the program so I can't say that they are helping me. But a friend of mine was cured of allergy symptoms using the same program.

I hope this information will help you.

I will be back on in a month to report my progress.


I have had problems with my sinuses even before fibro. Had a bad infection in August and terrible trouble for several months afterwards. I could feel all the congestion but could not seem to move it. Did the same as Spongemuffin and it certainly helped to move all the horrible gunge I thought I was being stiffled.

Do hope it clears up for you.x

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