Endo,pcos,ibs &chronic back pain & had full thyroidectomy

Hi everyone really fed up ,i keep going docs over my back,keep getting fobed of with codeine which dont work anymore.

The last 4 mnths been experiencing blood in urine like clots,blood wen wipe and really bad back pain abdominal pain .

Went back to docs and yet again gave me pain killers tramadol an bowel tablets,im a mum of a teenager an 22mnth old, work part time and getting to the point of me not being able to function in work or at home,wot should I do ,any advice please xx

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  • hi there Karen its nice to see you on here, just to give you something to think about over the holiday i was rushed into hospital with a trapped lower abdomen which was trapping my upper abdomen and my bladder, are all you body function ok at the moment if not see if you can get a CT scan that's what they did to me and found i'd got a blockage, not saying you have but something just to get check out. take care speak to you soon your friend always Alan xx

  • Thanks for repling alan not everything is working as it should,my doctor doesnt give a c*** but gotta go back in 3 wks an thanks for that ,hope ur doing ok x

  • hi Karen your very welcome i'm getting through just but that's life hope you soon feel better speak to you soon take care your friend Alan xx

  • Have you had urine tested? Take a sample in with you and ask for it to be tested.

    I had stomach and back pain with a UTI for over a month because I didn't feel the usual nipping when peeing that you would expect with a UTI.

    Are your bowels still moving after taking codeine? Get some thing to clear you out and at least it should get rid of some pain.

    Good luck.

  • My bowels have never been right anyway ,can go 5 days without but I was going very regular for over a wk which isnt normal for me an really bad abdominal pain which I no its not me bowels,doctor gave me bowel tablets for my bowels and they help with my womb, but since been on them 3days havent passed anything8 ,havent got symptoms of Uti either but yes should of done an urine test my doctors is c*** x

  • Hi Kagz it sounds as though you have a GP thats not listening to you. Can you try and see another docter that would be willing to test your urine etc and send you to a specialist. You have pain and blood for a reason and its up to them to find out whats going on. Don't forget to tell them how you are struggling with the pain regarding daily chores etc. Keep in touch and good luck.

  • Ye I will do an try an see another doc ,feel like changing doctors alltogether tho.

  • I believe Tramadol is an opiate medicine - it should help.

    Ask to be referred to a Consultant at your local hospital. Blood is not a good sign - piles ?

  • Hiya no aint piles but not coming from back passage,my doctor is only gonna refer me in 3 wks for my back,doesnt seem to be arsed about the blood or the other things ,but then again my 15mins were up,so just gotta keep pesisting I think.

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