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Over the last 7 weeks I have had 3 steroid/cortisone injections to cure my bursitis. X-ray results have proved that there is nothing wrong. I am in constant pain. Co-codomal tablets spaced me out. Last injection I had was last Friday 18th December. I have been told I have to wait for a further fortnight. It is really getting me down. I cannot walk much without terrible pain shooting down my left hip and buttock and it catches my breath. What do I do. Ask for MRIscan ? Go back to dr.

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An X-ray shows up bones . Don't think it would show up Bursitis but not totally sure. Ask your Doctor if it would show up on a scan ? And see what else he can offer you


My wife had the same problems, she was walking bent over and was in agony. She went to see a chiropractor, after an hour she came out pain free and walking straight.


Hi I was treated for bursitis the injections didn't help i asked for an mri scan and they said it was my L5 and S1 what was the problem I didn't have bursitis so it might be worth asking for an mri scan


I found some research done by a doctor in the 1950's and took it to my doctor and eventually got him to give me a vitamin B12 shot for my hip bursitis, it was nothing short of miraculous in terms of my recovery.  Doctors don't like it very much (they are told to check blood serum levels that don't give an accurate picture of your true B12 levels and so I came back with a normal B12 reading) and I found I needed a lot more than one injection per month to keep the pain from coming back, so I found a form of methylated B12 that you can buy over the counter from a pharmacy that actually works better.  I had swallowing issues too and wrote about my recovery on a blog to try and help others find this cure, its here if you'd like a read, but I think you will agree, we have some similarities in terms of our stories.  I was really lucky I had the bursitis because it was only in finding Dr I.S. Klemes articles from the 1950's around bursitis cures that I took the B12 that then spontaneously cured my swallowing problems too.

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