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New meds

Hi all since one of my last posts, I ended up in hospital for 11 days as ended up self medicating as pain was so bad. I am being weaned off oxycontin down to 30mg am an pm and they have introduced tapentadol 100mg twice daily an amitriplyne 20 mg. Looking to reduce oxycontin down to 20 mg when go pain management Monday. But there may be a chance could have fibromyalgia as hurts every where the lico something infusion was mentioned. As what are some of the symptoms please like now constNt pain down right side burning sensation middle of right arm hurts and left shoulder. Feels like been battered all over

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I noticed no one replied. I really hope the meds start to help you. I hope it's not fibromyalgia as there's little that can be done and often mess don't seem to help. Hope you're feeling better today?


Its swings and roundabouts at the moment coming off one med while taking a new one, also getting back in the habit of taken medication at regular times which I have left to my daughter. I have pain management tomorrow so will see the next steps thanks for your reply. I would still very much like to set up a face to face support group where people can meet


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