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Off all my pain meds

So its been 12 weeks now since i weined off all my pain meds. I was on hydromorph , gabapenton, lidacain infusion once a week and effexor !

I have been on differant combinations of pain meds for just over four years since i had a knee replacement and ended up with CRPS. I have seen four pain specialists and my gp and all of them say the same thing. They havnt seen it so bad and they cant help me anymore than what. Im doing already. My gp seemed to disagree with ny local pain guy all the time so i desided to come off everything to see if the pain changed or if it got worse or better. It was a long hall getting off them and i felt great for about two weeks and then i have been going down hill since then. I now feel tons worse and am so tired and drained and the pain is herific but according to my gp thats fantastic because im off the meds !!!!

Any ideas on what path i should go down now to help with pain and well being ?

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How difficult! Is it better to have some pain relief or better to have no pain meds? I've struggled with this choice for years! Whatever I take isn't enough but is it better than taking nothing? Is it better to give your body a break from all the meds? I don't have any answers. Just more questions im afraid!


I heard a comparison made about unseen pain and visible injuries. For example, if someone was suffering from a broken leg and the bone was visible, would you say well done for not having pain meds and just accepting a plaster? Arguably, the pain is the same whatever the source.

You need to find what works for you. I suggest what does not work is being in constant pain.

Best wishes,



Hello Dan,

Maybe I should try to clarify what I meant. I am only too well aware of how CRPS adversely effects my daily life. I have gone from walking with a slight limp to being a wheelchair user in two short years.

I meant that I can not understand some Doctors' attitudes to chronic pain sufferers and their unwillingness to prescribe meds to help their quality of life.

Best regards,


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Do you know if you can try Ketamine Infusions? Check with one of the pain doctors or even call hospitals. Another option which would be timely, since you have to be off all pain meds in order to have it done is the Spinal Cord Stimulation Surgery. The success rate is about 50%, and if your lucky you'll be in the 50% success side!!!

Good Luck to you!


Thank you i will ask about bith those . i have had ketamen before but bot with good results


The Ketamine did not work for me either and I was turned down for the SCS surgery. I think mainly due to funding, and the 50% success rate.


Codeine has always been my best friend! I try to keep it minimum, i tried to stop it when i was given Gabapentin, but , no, it wasn't enough on its own. Self hypnosis for pain is good. Give that a go...x


Oh good idea, i have never done self hipnoses but i will look into it. Thank you


Self hypnosis for Dummies book. Pain section. Explains it in laymans terms. Hope it helps you. Download the book ,or buy it online. Nightmare all this pain, ain't it? Xxx


I will look at getting a copy tomorrow.

Pain is tiering , drainibg and depressing too.

Xoxo gentle hugs


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