Hello, I'm Emma. I have just found this social networking site and hope to find people in the same situation, or similar, to myself.

I am waiting on one more MRI scan on my back to determine the exact cause of my debilitating pain. My consultant has basically said that because of my age (28) he doesn't want to go down the route of injections into the spine, but to go straight ahead with arranging surgery for me once he has a complete view of the extent of my spinal pain.

I am currently taking slow release morphine morning an evening, oral morphine every 2-4 hours depending on my pain levels and 80mg of amitriptyline throughout the day every day.

I am also looking for advice on how to cope with the weigh gain related to being so restricted when it comes to daily activities, as well as any hints or tips to keep my weight down until I am fully mobile again. In return I hope to be a support for others in similar situations, so feel free to message me or follow me.

Have a fab day everyone, and stay positive, we can get through this chapter of our lives together. Xxx

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  • Welcome along sorry to had to find this site and being so young and living in pain you sound like a person who's very positive toward dealing with back pain and the side effects from the meds you are on I've been on amitriptyline was on it for a year 30-40 mg at night it helped but because lack of movement I piled the weight on massive carvings for sweets and chocolate whic I've never had before its was not easy to keep away from them as my moods changed with taking the drug i tired to a diet but it was very hard willpower seems too be a must but amitriptyline does slow down your metabolism and Weight gain come into it some people here have put no weight on at all with the drug and no side effect either watch what you eat and try to get some exercise each day and keep busy with a hobby if your off sick keep the brain ticking over

    Wish you the best and keep us informed with your treatment


  • Hello Paul, thank you for your kind words. I try to stay positive, it is so hard though. I do it for my girls, if it wasn't for them I'd probably just stay in bed all day, they keep me going! It's so strange you should mention the sweet cravings with the amatriptaline! I have exactly the same, and sadly in the time I have taken the meds I have gained a stone. I am trying to substitute the sweets and biscuits I find myself eating with grapes, raisins, bananas and raspberries. It is working to a certain extent, then I'll just binge out, it's disgusting! Have you found anything other than the amatriptaline to help your pain?


  • Iam on gabpentin for neve pain which has been better than amitriptyline I take 3, 6, 9, over 3 days it does space me out on the 6,and 9 dose the sweet cravings along with chocolate has now gone the main side effects are being tired and feeling very high Iam getting some pain relief during the day now before it was never there and was very hard to cope

  • What is your pain cause Emma? It must be extreme if the surgeon is gagging to get his knives out! Welcome to the site.

  • Hello, thanks for the welcome. As far as we know at the moment my pain stems from a horse riding accident I had 10 years ago. I know for sure I have at least one disk bulge, I need a few more scans to get an exact diagnosis.

  • See a chiropractor first for a second opinion. Surgery should be an option of last resort as it has risks associated with it.

  • Stay strong Emma your family is your rock

  • Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words. I haven't been posting for a few weeks. As some of you know, I was taken to hospital after I lost control of my bladder. The next day I was operated on, a full disk removed, along with some bone that had decided to grow towards, and press on my nerves. One of the reasons I was finding it increasingly harder to walk. Anyhow, it's going to take a very long time post op to recover, and I may need another op soon, just have to wait a few more weeks to find out. If there is anyone out there that needs a bit of info as to what I exactly went through feel free to message me. One thing I will say to anyone waiting on the same operation a as me, don't be scared. It'd the best thing that had happened to me health wise since this back pain started xxxx

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