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Dan,. I had to go off my Butrans 20mcg patch because I was getting a skin reaction to it- red, raised rash and itching.  My Dr. Put me on Belbuca 300mcg BID but they're very expensive so I asked him for something cheaper. He put me on Oxymorphone 10mg BID then and within a week I started having pretty bad withdrawels.  Can you figure out the morphine equiv. of these 3 drugs for me.  I haven't had any luck mainly due to the Belbuca.  You're good at this so thought you might be able to find the info.  Right now he has me back on the Belbuca 300mg TID, Tapendatol 75mg 5x/day and has added 15 mg morphine sulfate tabs ER 1-2 x's a day as a bridging medication.  Also not sure what a bridging med is.  I am feeling better though.


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  • What's the bioavailalability of the drug?

  • Dan, I could send you the info on Belbuca if you want to pm me your email.  I think your mentioning the generous range might be why I couldn't get a good answer.

  • So essentially, the Belbucca 600mg/24 hours is twice as strong as the Butrans.

    And what about oxymorphone 10mg BID.

  • No cream.  Doc said to quit wearing them right away because of my reaction.

  • The Dr. switched me from Belbuca to oxymorphone because the Belbuca is very expensive.  After a week on oxy I got the withdrawels.

  • Thanks Dan.

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