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Getting nervous I am going to be left in pain πŸ˜•

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Hi all

So I have now had to drop my Tramadol to just 3 a day ( from 6) because I am on morphine every four hours. The morphine does work but my Dr said I cannot increase for my breakthrough pain. I have a wait for the pain pharmacist as I have been told morphine is only short term. I am worried if they stop my Tramadol and take morphine away what is left. Has anyone experienced this?? Or seen the pain clinic pharmacist!!?? PLEASE any advice or ideas!?

Thank you for taking time to read this 😊

8 Replies
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I don’t need to take any of Those meds I hope they find something for you to take to be in so much pain

Thank you so much I hope so too x

Have you looked at all the non-pharmaceutical methods of pain control? There is a website called the Pain Tool Kit that you might find helpful:

Thank you will have a lol use Tens and heat patches already but willing to try anything x

Dont get anxious before the event. You don't know what might be suggested for you. I have not had experience of a Pain pharmacist but I would guess their remit is to suggest the most effective and safest medication for you to take. I hope your appointment goes well.


Thanks Dee I am trying not to worry but I am mainly worried they will try me on something that does not work for me. Your right though they know what they are doing so fingers crossed x

You don't say what the cause of your pain is. I have nerve pain and take pregabalin and amitriptyline this helps to keep my pain under control. I too was taking tramadol and slow release morphine but after seeing a specialist for chronic pain I was put on the meds I mentioned above. didn't think I was ever going to get any relief from this chronic pain but I do. might just get breakthrough pain now and then but I deal with those days. thankfully they are far and few between


Thanks for your reply I am pleased for you I have heard a few people are on Pregabalin on here, I am willing to try anything. I have just had my Amitriptyline increased to 50mg I could not get through the night x

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