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Amputation pain

Again I write for a friend without access to this facility The pain from her partners arm stump ( not the "phantom" pain )but the knotting of the nerves at the amputation spot is severe this has meant that the medication that he is on to relieve it actually renders him almost comatose and among other things full of terrible anxiety.

Is there a knowledgeable person out there with perhaps a system of pain relieving patches or maybe a daily self administered injection of say a local anesthetic?

My friend's partner does not feel he can face another operation .It was after much thinking and following a call from my very troubled friend that I decided to make this post .

My friends do not seem to have received much support after the Surgery and in fact he was discharged from hospital within 24 hours of the op.and and told to take Paracetamol. !!

So any help or guidance dear friends out there. ?!

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So sorry to hear of this and the poor after care. There are many anticonvulsant drugs which help with nerve pain and it maybe worth asking for a referral to a pain clinic to look at other methods and drugs. Consultants can prescribe off label whereas a GP can't. His depression and anxiety all of which are totally understand able are probably feeding his pain too. I am intolerant to many drugs and my pain clinic are using lidocaine transfusions to manage my pain. Also has he researched Kratom? Its a herb that helps with neuropathic pain. The Bali version is much better for this.

Welcome to the site.

Lou x


I don't know if this would help, in the face of such intense nerve pain but lidocaine patches contain lignocaine, a local anaesthetic. They are applied by the user, to remain in place for 12 hours, then off for 12 hours etc etc. They are only available on prescription as far as I'm aware. The lack of after care of your friend is rather strange. Surely the stump needs checking at least? The gp needs to be involved for further actions.


Hi I had my left arm amputated 4 years ago and I have a lot of nerve pain in my stump

U need to tell them that they need to go and see they GP for a referral to a pain specialist they will put him on the right meds.

With me my pain specialist has given me nerve blocks as now got me on the right meds and is looking into Botox for stump pain, so tell u friend that he need to get a referral to a pain specialist asap and they will help him get the right treatment

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I used to have major problems with a knot of what ever the surgeon tied together. I got discharged from the hospital with nothing. So I rang my GP. He came out to see me next day and was appalled at the amount of pain that he said that he could see I was in. He took immediate charge of the issue and prescribed two meds. One was a general pain relief and the second was an anti-convolsent drug that has a side effect of acting as a pain relief for nerve damage. I am sure that this is the route your friend should be looking at.



Hi I have an amputation and rightly know there is a difference between stump pain and phantom limb pain. I have had cryogenic treatment and radio frequency treatment .i also had investigated that found a neuroma. I then had surgery to have it removed. Luckily it's never returned(6) years later. I take gabapentin for phantom pain. I have a very good 'pain' specialist. Take care and good luck, Keep in touch


Yes I agree with all the above, I prefer to take Lyrica as opposed to gabapentin, which is prescribed for epilepsy but also neuropathic pain do hope and pray that they sort you out soon


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