Any advice

Any advice

Good morning ,on route to pain clinic to see if she will give me another set of lidocaine infusions over 12 months because yes they did not take it away fully but they did help,last 6 weeks my morphine patches and tablets pregabalin and naproxen as none nothing ,I have severe nerve pain crumbled discs,fibromyalgia and pericarditis and psd after a sexual assault afewyears ago and as a child so as you can imagine some days I can't get out of bed and I was wondering any advice to help thank you for reading

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  • MDD

    Hope all goes well at pain clinic. May I ask what strength your morphine patches are and how often you have to apply them.



  • Just had two Lidocaine Infusions. Safety First, so the first one lasted a glorious 4 hrs. Second one was a three hour Infusion. It didn't take. I'm hearing from many that of your life is so stressed with stressors that the Lidocaine will not be of any real benifit. I can't get the "stressors" out of my life at present moment and don't know the foreseeable future.

    Would you be able to tell me your experience with Lidocaine Infusions? From the pain scale of 1-10 ? How much did it bring DOWN Your Pain? For how long did the LidocaineInfusion last ?

    I know one person who gets substantial relief for 4-5 weeks. I pray for everyone in Intractable Pain that some Human Mercy would take action because they can. Reduce our Daily, Nightly, weekly, monthly year after year Intractable Pain. I'd hope that our Medical Professionals would open up their eyes! This Pain is the only reason for a hunt for "what kind of Cancer" did I have. My pains interpretation was that of MM (multiple myloma) - bone marrow cancer. I surely would have received some compassionate care, would we not all agree. Intractable Pain that in cases an entire body, not a foot, a leg, a arm, or abdomen,.....Only my head does not burn and shoot. Should I be grateful that I'm still alive?

  • Hi last time I had lidocaine infusion it lasted longer than 6 weeks no more than 9 and it helped with 75 percent ,at pain clinic this time only weds last week she said that I could have another 3 and she put my gabapentin up to 200 twice a day with a steady rise to 300 and to keep me on 2 x 35 patches and morphine tablets as and when and keep on my naproxen twice a day too so on a nice cocktail xx

  • You have a fantastic Pain Management Physician missdianndyas23! May I ask what was your diagnosis?

    I'd greatly appreciate it if you could tell me.

  • I have severe spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia and other disc problems x

  • I can't imagine a 75% reduction of Pain. I did receive it for a heavenly 4 hours after my first Lidocaine Infusion. It was like paradise!

  • It really helps me ,I am lucky enough once I have had them to go away a few weeks just relax round the pool in some nice heat and together they really help70% help I would say but you can soon tell when going xx

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