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Hi, my gp & I are trying to move me from tablets to patches, but going in low doses initially. However I have reacted to the first 2 , I have tried butec 5 mcg/hr by Qdem and butrans 5 mcg/hr by NAPP.

She and the pharmacist are struggling to find a alternative make at such a low dose. I can't go on a higher dose as I'm coming off oxycodone tablets. Ie lowering the tablets and increasing the patch dose gradually.

Does anyone on here know of any alternative makes ? At such a low dose ?

All advice appreciated


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  • What kind of reaction are you having? Maybe the reaction is not from the medication the patch has but rather something the patch has in it such as adhesive that your reacting to. It could be a preservative or maybe the way the medicine has to be made so that it can be absorbed into the patch. Anyway my thinking is that it's the patch is the problem not the medicine. Of course you might just get a different brand of patch and have no reaction.

  • Hi, yes I'm thinking it is the type of patch rather than the medication itself, I need to come off the tablets as I have stomach issues(long story)... so I'm looking for other brands maybe that use perhaps a different adhesive ?

  • Why not try fentanyl patches. They are used quite often in the US. I don't know where you live but I'm guessing you can buy these in most countries by prescription of course.

  • I'm in the U.K. And I have just done a quick Google and fentanyl is stronger and works in a different way.

  • Well I don't use it so I'm not familiar with the strength. But thought it was worth a suggestion. To bad it won't work.

  • Great possible suggestion, thank you and is a shame .

  • If you do get a reaction to the patch itself rather than the contents....hydrocautizone cream rubbed sparingly on your skin works. You will probably need to use extra micropore tape o hold patch down.

    My husband used patches for 12 years very successfully after initial reactions


  • Thank you I will talk to my gp about this.

  • Well I use Metrifen (Fentanyl) but I think the lowest dose is 12 mcg.

  • Yes I looked it up and is stronger and works in a different way.

  • What do you mean by working in a different way?

  • If you try literally googling or any other search engine the q ' what's the difference between fentanyl and butrans ' it brings up how the different drug ingredients work .

  • As long as it kills the pain, who cares how it works 😂😂

  • I started on patches about 18 months ago. At first I was prescribed butrans 5 mg X1 per week. I had a localised skin reaction to the patch, and I went back to the GP to try another type. He put me on Fentynl , I reacted in a worrying way after 4 hours of the patch going on. I had trouble with breathing, so I took the patch off, and then my skin broke out in a painful rash, all over my body very quickly , which kept me awake all night . The next morning , I went to the pharmacy for advice on patches. He told me Butrans is "entry level" so I should try and let my body adjust.

    I decided to try Butrans again, and this time I took antihistamine to lessen the skin reaction . It Worked, and then after about a week, I tried dropping the antihistamine ( it drys you out), and I was lucky, the rash stopped.i can only assume I got used to it. Additionally it made me sick, every time I changed the patches ( a bit like morning sickness, which meant once sick, I was fine again) . This again eased off over time. The consistent pain relief the patch gives me is worth the effort.

    I don't know what sort of reactions you are having, but keep trying to see what works for you, and may be your body will adjust? Pharmacists can be really helpful with advice re drugs, side effects etc.

    Good luck!


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