Any advice is appreciated

I'm having a huge problem with pain up in my upper right side around my liver area. I've been told different things by different doctor's , hospitalised 2x for 11 days a few months back and to the ER omg dozens of times this summer BUT no one is doing a damn thing. No one is saying for sure what's going on...they won't give me anything to keep me comfortable. I've lost my job now d/t missing so much work. Now I'm at the point where I don't leave my couch bc I hurt so bad...its wearing on me emotionally! I'm at my wits end with this. Anyone have ANY ideas on what may be going on or what I should do about these idiot doctors? Please help I want my life back😢

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  • Have you been Diagnosed with any thing what I am trying to say a diseases because before I was diagnosed with MS I was having severe pains on the lower area of my ribs. I had x-rays I also went to the ER. I finally I was diagnosed with what they call guda pains (not sure of the spelling) but the pain was so bad. I was put on medicine called Trileptal the generic name is Oxcarbazepine I take 300 mg every 12 hours. On this medicine you have to gradually get on to it. Now I am letting you know about this medicine just to ask your doctor. I also have to let you know I use to use this medicine in higher dosages but I also have to let you know I still at times have pains. You don’t know it might work or it might not work. .

    Good luck!

  • I have chronic pancreatitis but this isn't the same kind of pain and I have chrons disease which is different from this also. I'm so frustrated. I go to the ER and they look over my medical records and r confused as to why I'm not on pain medication but won't tell me what they are reading in my chart just that I need to talk to my PCP so I talk to them ...thry say we can't help u it's out of our control u need to see a specialist I do and have test done. They say oh ur pancreas is fine go see your PCP. OMG I go back my PCP is pissed at the results bc she sees something going on around my liver but the specialist ignored that. It's a damn run around

  • Hi overthis38. You need to advocate for yourself. If that doesn’t work, go over their head and speak to a supervisor/ administrator at Hospital. Doctors are probably assuming you’re med seeking, but if you tell them you don’t want painkillers but rather want them to do their job and find what is wrong, and that no one is doing anything meanwhile you’re suffering, they’ll see that they’ll need to act. Find the right person to complain to and make your case. Again, if you’re in states, doctors right now think everyone wants painkillers and are more worried about that than actually investigation. ER generally doesn’t investigate unless it’s life or death which is why they keep saying to go to specialist. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ve been there and it’s so disempowering. But please don’t give up!! Advocate for yourself. Bring friend/family member if possible to appointment with gastro/PCP. Letting them know you’re not alone helps too. But believe me, talking to a higher up in hospitals or clinics works.

    I agree with judipat. Demand to see a gastroenterologist and emphasize how long you’ve been dealing with this back and forth and that you need an MRI/ liver tests ASAP.

    This is your pCP/GPs one job: to help you navigate the medical system to get treatment. Might be time to find new one. Good luck.

  • Hi

    Have you seen a gastro specialist? If so, have you had CT, MRI or any other tests? Do you have dark urine, swelling, itching etc??

    I can't believe your dr is not helping you more (or perhaps I can!!). Have you got strong painkillers?

    I would go back to your doctor and insist you are referred to a gastric specialist.........then again insist they get to the bottom of this! They can't just keep fobbing you off.

    Try and shout a bit louder and make a nuisance of yourself lol, sometimes, it's the only way to get anything done.

    Good luck

    Judi x

  • Medicine is as much an art as a science. Bodies are a messy business and sometimes it might feel like the doctors are uncaring and can't be bothered to diagnose you, but sometimes they just don't know. Not because they don't want to, but because what ever is wrong with you is unknowable.

    Uncertainty is not a nice feeling, but it is very much part of medicine still.

    Maybe to get your life back you need to take control and not depend on them finding something. Exercise is really important for mood, and I know you might not feel like it, but if you start with just a small amount of exercise, even if it is just getting off the sofa and going outside to feel the sun on your face, that will be a little start at taking back control.

    Good luck!

  • Fatty liver, h pylori

  • Overthis38 hi do you think it could be arthritis,I would go to Dr. and make him listen,surly there is some one who will take you seriously.I,m not a Dr. They,'ll have to tell you it's it's arthritis I wish I could help good luck. Need to talk I,m here. susiejo1948

  • Have you had a mri or ct scan? If not you need to demand one asap x

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