Nerve pain ,disc worn away ,other probie s

Hi been on here a few times fed up now of morphine tablets and up to 70mg patch gabapentin 1100 aday lidocaine injections spine injection ,I have severe macanical back problems nerves touching what they should due to spinal stenosis and crumbled disc describe like a spongy fishcake yes you may laugh,if I was not on the message I would be climbing the walls I am in my wheelchair most of the time try and walk but pain starts try and iron after a while it starts but I don't want to be useless wife mum grandma,pain lower back into groain then down left leg most but can be right stops a knee and my pain in the knee is horrible ,also now pain in both shoulders due to fluid leaks in small sacks according to scan causing horrible pain mainly top of right arm had cortazone injections in both arms last week a little reliefhohowever if I over do it I pay for it with a shooting pain they said they will try massage on arms if it works but till it does they are not getting close it hurts so much, my doc at hospital says down the line they may talk to a surgeon but to be honest with me there's that much going on it looks doubtful they would touch me ,so people any advice on people who have who are going threw same or similar symptoms p.ease reply would love to hear as I am very down at mo

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  • I won't say that I know what you are going through because everyone's pain is different but the pain you are experiencing in your back and legs is very similar to my own. Operations might help your condition but please see them as a last resort and get as much information about them as you can before you go ahead. I had a laminectomy 30 years ago which was not successful but I am sure that surgery techniques have improved since then. I believe that this operation is now done keyhole which can only be a bonus. I would stress that the most important thing about this operation is the follow up physiotherapy, it really must be started as soon as possible. As far as the way you are feeling at the moment depression is often caused by secondary suffering, the way your condition makes you feel. Anger,uselessness, tiredness, low self esteem, frustration etc are all a product of pain. The more depressed and useless you feel the more the pain, it's a vicious circle. Have you contacted your community pain management clinic, your doctor can refer you. I find them invaluable, their support has helped me cope so much better than I did. I receive physiotherapy through my local group and I completed an 8 week 'mindfulness' course with them that has given me so many tools to combat the terrible pain I feel on a daily basis. I really recommended this free NHS course. There are no miracle cures but there is a great deal of help out there which can enable you cope much better on a daily basis. Good luck I hope things improve.

  • Hello Anita49, I am interested in the eight week mindfulness course that you attended. I have been offered a place in November and am looking forward to it. Can you tell me how useful you have found it please? Thank you.

  • Hi, grab the opportunity you have been given. If you go into it with an open mind you will not be disappointed. Mindfulness has been a life changer for me. I started the course a complete doubter, in fact I wanted to prove them wrong but gradually week by week my opinions changed and now I don't know how I managed to get through thirty years of pain without it. Mindfulness cannot take your pain away but it helps change your attitude towards it and by teaching you how to deal with 'secondary suffering' strangely enough your pain seems to decrease. (Secondary suffering - anger, anxiety, aversion,isolation etc) The book we used is 'Mindfulness for Health a practical guide for relieving pain,reducing stress and restoring well being' by Vidyamala Burch. I bought the Kindle version and I could automatically download the meditations . The meditations are guided and address various issues that surround pain. There is so much in this book that will help but going through the course in a group gave it so much more impact.Give it a try what have you got to lose......pain? Good luck.

  • Thank you been down this route too I attend pain clinic very often x

  • From what you have written you appear to be doing a good job coping with your condition. Allowing yourself the odd down day is fine, long as you pick yourself back up. Best Wishes

  • So sorry you are struggling at this time. I hope you have good friends and family as they mostly want to help us. Perhaps you could ask for extra time from them even if it's just for a chat? Sending you a virtual hug.

  • See an Alexander Teacher to see if there is anything you can do to reduce the input muscle behaviour has on pain.

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you all,I already go to pain clinic have done for 2 years because of my tiredness and all over body pain and fatigue, old be also signs of Fibromyalgia as I do have a lot of fitting symptoms any feeling on this please

  • Thank you so much Anita49. I am quite eager to explore Mindfulness as an aid to helping control chronic pain. Your response is very positive so I'm glad you have found it of value, I hope to also and will post my experiences of it here for others to share.

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