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Need advice on pain

I have shared my history on here I have chronic back pain, bulging discs, nerve damage, siatica. From Saturday I have been in agony. My lower back from above my hip from left to right is pure agony o can hardly put my feet to the floor, walking is so difficult. My 79 year.old arthritis stricken aunt is more mobile than me. My hands keeping twitching and the power kind of goes I have smashed 2 plates, my glass roasting dish and two cups. I'm a danger at the minute in the kitchen. I rang the out of hours doctor on last night as I was crying with the pain even breathing seemed to hurt at times night he told me he cudnt do anything as I'm on so many tablets I told him obviously they aren't working as I'm in agony. Can anyone advise what I cud do to.ease.pain I've been using heat and ice packs all.night and switching between the 2

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When David has a flair up, which always seems to reach crisis point at night or weekends, I call NHS 24 and the duty Doctor comes out.

No matter how many pain meds David was on once in the flair up it wouldn't shift.

In the old days Doctors would carry Pethadine to give a jag. This relaxed all his muscles, helped him to sleep and brought him out of flair up.

Nowadays they carry Voltarol which seems to have the same effect.

It is being able to break that total body spasm whish is needed. Once that has kicked in, some sleep and 'normal' meds kick in.

I won't say insist to the dty Doc that's what you need as I am sure you do. But insist and keep insisting.

Hope this helps

Pat x


Thanks so much. See the thing is my own gp is the out of hours doctor aswell he never leaves the place. So I'm kind of stuck.


Oh. You don't live out on the islands do you?

You mean he waorks 24 hrs a day 7 days a week?



Don't know what you mean by islands. No he works in our local clinic from 9am-6am then heads to work at our out of hours centre finishes at 12am. Then does it all.


Sorry I meant the islands up here in Scotland where the Gp does all day and after hours too.

So is you GP the only one who works the out of hours?



Hi anna79, I recommend reading Chronic Pain- Your Key to Recovery by Georgie Oldfield, and/or Healing Back Pain by John Sarno. They have helped thousands of people recover from chronic pain, especially back pain. These book have helped people learn about pain, how it works and how to, not just ease it, but fully recover from it.

I work with patients with chronic back pain and within the space a few sessions have helped them halve their pain every time. If you'd like more information I'd be happy to provide.

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