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Best drug for neuropathy due to nerve damage

So far I have resisted taking anti depressants for the neuropathic pain in my hands but the pain is getting worse and doesn't respond to tramadol.

I have been prescribed various drugs at different times and I wonder which one would be the best to try.

These are cymbalta, lyrica, gabepretine and any other suggestions out there.

I would prefer a drug that doesn't affect my weight.

Any advice welcome.

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Amitriptyline helps me massive nerve pain in both feet and lower legs toes it does effect weight gain i tend to blow up fluid retention ringing in ears very constipation,

dry mouth, blurred vision hyperactivity excitement,drowsiness,sweating,


What mg of amp are you on?


30-40 PER DAY


I've been prescribed amitriptyline. So far they are working. Didn't know about weight gain from use, but for me this can't be a bad thing because I've been losing too much weight recently.


Takes 4-6 weeks for the drug to kick in


For me the tabs have worked very quickly for pain. If used as a depressant then maybe longer?


I am on pregablin have noticed a change in weight which I am battling with but as the consultant said to me this week what is best the chronic nerve pain I was experiencing or the little extra weight gain. As they have made a big difference not like the amitriptyline that made me feel like I was in a world of my own completely drugged up all the time and sleeping not good.

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I've recently started gabapentin which the pain specialist told me is better than pregabalin in terms of weight gain. Ive been taking it for about 5 weeks now with no weight gain, thankfully. He wants me to start Duloxitine in September as he says its excellent for nerve Pain.


Jo x


I use Dosolupine, it's the same family as Amitriptyline , but for me it doesn't have the cardiac side effects and I haven't put any weight on either.


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