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Mild nerve damage, L5 spine

Has anyone been told they have mild nerve damage and in extreme pain. The just upped my pills. 2 Prescription Aleve and 150 mg of aleve twice a day plus 100 mg at night. Anyone have this thing too and how much pain are you suffering. And when did you get better. And what helps

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Hi looper. Perhaps a bit more detail on the problem. What's the u der lying cause of the nerve damage and how it affects you perhaps ?

I am guessing you are not in the UK as I am not familiar with those medications. Do they have another name ?


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I'm not sure how the damage happened. I'm thinking from a bad fall. And the other name of pills are SDZ pregabalin. I'm from Canada



I have l4/l5 disc hernitation and nerve issues there too affecting my backside , legs and feet... but they won't operate as initially it's not coming up as caudia equina which is the signs for spinal surgery

That's 3 1/2 years ago... so I have no idea what to expect on time scale

Meds keep getting up and I don't see them operating.

I'm in the uk and meds I take are

Pregabalin 300mg twice a day

Celecoxib 200mg twice a day

And amitriptyline 30mg at night for nerves and sleep

Just have to do gradual swimming and exercises in pool as that can ease you

Will hurt day after but build it up slowly as will help lots and even help with weight loss if needed as when less mobile can affect weight too if not reducing food intake

All the best

Andy (Scotland)

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You think the swimming will help. Last time I went in grand childrens pool I was in extreme pain


I had to build it up slowly...

My way was being lowered from wheelchair into pull on the special adapted hoist and then just built up gradual movements

But I have to use sticks and scooter etc

So mines probably easier to pinpoint etc from impact

But if you don't know why it's occuring then it's hard to know more

All the best


Hi there. My mum has a trapped nerve in her rib at the back? It's in her 12 rib at the bottom on the right? It causes pain up here side and down her leg? Does this sound similar?


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