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Extreme muscle hardening from extreme pain from deep trigger points

I've been suffering a chronic (myofascial) pain condition for 3+ years now and have tried pretty much every muscle relaxant, trigger point therapy etc etc with no improvement. Due to the deep trigger points causing the pain, my muscles have become very hard and when I move, they make a horrible crunching noise (like walking on icy snow) because they grind across my bones as they are so hard. The hardening of my muscles (predominantly my left upper back and left chest, leading up into my neck and head) is almost as bad as the pain because I am always so uncomfortable and makes me feel very rigid. I'm interested to know if anyone else with a chronic pain condition has muscle hardening similar to me?

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Have you had a medical doctor diagnose this condition? Have you had all the tests? I'm no expert but this sounds more than a trigger point problem...


Hey, yes I do get the same problem - its like a vicious circle, the pain makes them hard as a rock (when my upper arm is affected my friends joke it is my bicep boner!) but the ache and pain from them being like that just adds to the pain already being felt. Nothing really seems to work for me either, Diazepam helps and it makes you sleepy which can be a godsend, but the doctors will only prescribe ten at a time due to their addictive nature so I have to use the sparingly.



I know this kind if pain. May I bring your focus to how you look at your pain.

Try not to get so involved with your pain. Let the pain be. Observe the pain but

only do that. You will get good days and bad, like we all do. Just try to remember

that you can do so much with your thinking and how you view your pain.

The real relief will be in that, I promise.


Hi Holsy!

I have this problem too and so far no professionals have been able to offer any solution. I have tried all the usual pills and relaxants and even accupuncture but I am left with a bruise from February from that and it didn't help at all so that's another fail. The only thing that remotely offers some relief is hot baths with Epsom salts to relax muscles and release toxins. I find if I do this at least twice a week it helps. Do as much stretching as you can, have you tried yoga or have you been given any stretches to try at physio? There are specific stretches for different parts of the body. If you are good at routine it is a good idea to build stretches into your daily routine. I find it hard to remember to do them daily but when I forget I get much stiffer. Hope this helps xx


Hey Annalouk!,

Thanks very much for your response to my post. It feels reassuring to know there are people out there who understand and can empathise with my pain and how it has effected my muscles so deeply. Can I ask you how long you have had this and which parts of your body are effected most? I'm just asking because I'd be interested to know if it effects the same areas for you as it does me. Also do you know how/why this came about for you? Mine was due to an injury and from the stress of that my nervous system went into overdrive, causing the pain and muscle hardening. At first the doctors did not know what my symptoms were and why I had them. They carried out lots of tests and scans on me. After ruling everything out finally I was diagnosed as having a chronic (myofascial) pain syndrome. The stress of not knowing why I felt like this at first, exacerbated my symptoms (pain and muscles hardening further). Basically my nervous system went into overdrive as a result of the injury and the stress caused, which led to this chronic pain.

Similarly to you when I had accupunture on some of the effected muscles, I just felt bruised. I have always been fit and healthy and continue to exercise and stretch regularly. I know that it's very much about managing the pain psychologically as well as physically. I just wish there was at least something to ease the muscle hardening permanently. Have a good weekend!


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