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Anal pressure and ache caused by psychological issues

I have a mind body issue that causes my anal muscles or pelvic muscles to hurt. The pain is like a pressure or ache inside my back passage. It is there constantly but it goes when I'm asleep, or after a few beers or even when I'm completely distracted. It is an obsession and because I suffer from anxiety it makes it hard to focus on anything else. I saw a pelvic floor physical therapist who found the location of the pain. A chronically tight muscle inside the anal canal. It is a subconscious clenching. I'm keen to hear others with this issue.

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They do internal and external massage and manipulation. They located the muscle which was causing me my discomfort. Its quite a specialised area. But I have been told to do this and sort out the stress side of it too. Have you heard of a similar problem to mine???? like I say it's a subconscious tensing of my anal sphincter. I'm fine if I'm asleep or had a few drinks. Went to the docs again for about the millionth time to get checked and all is well. Just muscle tension.


You need to see a doctor. Too much emphasis is sometimes put on I have caused it by some sort of mental issue ie stress. Rather than what caused the problem a faulty signal input to a muscle which has resulted in the muscle over contracting.

Over contracted muscle in the anus needs to be stretched out. This has been done by an operation in hospital under anaesthetic .

In case you are wondering I have had this. Of course stress makes the problem worse. However, blaming the issue on stress does not remove the problem. Stress exacerbates the lack of ability to handle a problem that is already in existence.

Hope this helps.

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I have seen hundreds of doctors and had scans and they cannot find anything. It was my pelvic floor therapist who found the tight muscle. I do not need an operation because I can make the muscle relax completely when I am not stressed or focusing on the problem. I obviously didn't make that clear in my original post. I have got rid of this problem before. I had 18 months free from any pain or discomfort and a few months ago I had a bowel movement and felt a slight twinge. However instead of just moving on from that twinge I was INSTANTLY full of fear and was thinking oh my God don't come back. I was thinking stop thinking about it and of course as I focused more on it boom. I can be on holiday and be completely fine. I can have time with no pain and I will think to myself I havent had that pain in a while. As soon as I think that I can feel it again haha. It's so bizarre but I assure you I have had hundreds of scopes and scans and probably 100 fingers in my ass. I saw a urologist and a colorectal surgeon. Basically it is an obsession


The colorectal surgeon said it was a former of proctalgia or levator ani syndrome. Which is basically the pelvic floor muscles contracting and spasming. My problem is that I suffer from health anxiety and am constantly looking on forums and the Internet and analysing everything. I went out for a family meal on Friday. I hardly felt a thing. I had a beer and felt absolutely nothing at all.


Which came first the problem or health anxiety?

The problem causes stress which pushes you towards your stress breakdown point. It is to easy to be caught in the mental health psychosomatic trap when the solution is physical training of one sort or another.

Anxiety can be changed by changing breathing habits.

The spasms can be caused by a combination of spinal reflexes. You are looking for a mental cause when in reality there is a physical cause.

It may be worth seeing an Alexander teacher to help reduce stress by changing posture and muscle behaviour problems. Any body stress reduction will hopefully change your situation.

Learning some yoga will give you a better grasp of how your muscles behave under various conditions.

My suggestions may be right or they may be wrong. However this can only be determined by investigation.

Hope I was helpful.


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