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Deep brain stimulation for pain?


I was just wondering if any One has had, or been referred for DBS surgery for chronic pain?

My neurologist has just referred me, but due to the cost of it he said it might be a fight with my GPs, and commissioner to have it done.

I'm scared, as I have no one to talk to about it, and I can't find much info online about it and pain.

Sorry to have bothered you x

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Hi there, I think people with Parkinsons have dBS? Have you tried that type of forum? If your neurologist suggested it then must be with considering? Best wishes. 😜


Hi, thank you. I know they do it for parkinsons, but I was wondering if anyone had had it done for pain?

I'm scared I guess 😔

Thank you though, I might see if someone has had it done for Parkinson's and pain xx


It sounds like this may be reasonably new here. Are you familiar with the Oxford team from the link below? 😜


Yep I'm new, this is my first post 🙈 All I know about the Oxford team, is that that's where I've been referred to,well to prof Aziz.

It's come through as a download, so I am going to read it now! 😊 xx



They do DBS at Oxford for chronic pain. See link below

Hope you find this useful.

Good luck



Thank you Mark, that's where I've been referred to, to a professor Aziz. I think that's what makes me scared, as its hundreds of miles away, so it's not like an everyday op, at all hospitals. I'm probably just being stupid. Thank you for the download, I will read it now xx

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I don't think you're being stupid at all! And thank you for sharing this info! Have you seen the NICE blurb on dbs?

You might ask prof Aziz about the outcome stats when you see him as to me they seem less than ideal. I know nothing's ideal when you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. 😞 why weren't you offered spinal cord stimulation where the implant is in the spine rather than brain? Best wishes

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That's a great link Marky! Thank you.


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