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Good evening all,you may all have see my posts before,however last few days I have been laid up in bed the pain I ha e severe spinal stenosis flared up people will no what I mean you can go days weeks even months. When you have just basic pain where the tablets help but then you get the bad days where a twitch can make you scream just that little and I mean little wrong move and its he'll to pay ,I am on 52mg on a patch with a 10mg on another patch then morphine up to 30mg a day in 10 mil tablets to use when pain is bad ,900 gabapentin 3 times daily naproxen daily and 50mg of antidepressant forgot name it's the one with supposedly pain relief in or it helps as a pain relief also paracetamol when needed and my panic attack tablets so a nice cocktail ,I have side effects of dried mouth alot now and of course light headed,anyway will I get better will they be able to wean me of any tablets in time

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hi missdiannedyas, I haven't any experience of your condition, but do have similar experiences of the pain you describe so well.

I am sorry that you are having such a rough time. I sincerely hope you find some ease.


hamble :)


Spinal stenosis is not uncommon. Iss the pressure into your actual spinal canal or is it pressure on nerves exiting your spine? It is usually caused by bones/ vertebrae becoming thicker because of the ageing process or as a response to injury. This then puts pressure on nerves or the spinal cord itself. In either case, surgery can sometimes help by chipping away the thickened bone. Has this been discussed with you? Of course, stenosis is not always painful. Have you been told that this is definitely the cause of your pain? I have no idea if it will ho away. It seems unlikely that thickened bone will reduce by itself, although nerves can sometimes tweak themselves away from painful areas, I believe. What you do next about your pan, would seem to me to start with a doctor/specialist giving you a full explanation about this stenosis and how or if it is definitely the cause of your pain and if it is a threat to your spine, whether they can operate.


hello. My sister had stenosis and surgery completely for rid if the pain. If s tough decision to go for back surgery but when the pain is that unbearable anything is better than this. Now she can travel again ... Which was not even thinkable before her surgery. Good luck to you.

I m lying in bed right now with my own back pain from bulging duck and did not sleep all night... Only a puncture helps!


There is the muscular side of stenosis which is worth investigating. I have seen in the papers yoga type treatments that may help. Google "stenosis yoga treatments"

Muscles are very good at contracting. Muscles have no means of uncontracting other than the stopping of the contraction and using other muscles to lengthen them out.

Muscle spasms is where a muscle other contracts. The muscle locks in this position causing pain and discomfort. As one gets older this condition becomes more common. A McTimony chiropractor can help deal with muscle spasms.

An Alexander Teacher can help in the regime of preventing muscle spasms from occuring in the first place by helping one to become aware of poor posture and poor muscle control.

Hope this helps


Thank you but no they are sure it's spinal stenosis and nothing to do with muscles but thank you


Hello again. I hope you start to feel better soon. Tuff pain day here. I know where you are coming from and I'm thinking of you.


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