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pain ,new tablets,i now have 4 diffrent moods lol

Hi all and firstly happy newyear to you all and i hope and pray 2015 is a better year for us all xx thankyou for all the people that replyed to my post i have had a hard year ,if it wasnt for all the nice people on here i dont think i would be here today in 2015 just want to say a big thankyou to you all.At the end of last year i saw some top dr about my depression and he started me off on yet more tablets ,at the moment im haveing a ok mood ,the moods keep changeing and i never know what mood its gonna be next one min im ok ish then i get angry,then i get upset dont know why ,then i feel like people are looking at me then the next moment i wanna punch something my god i dont like it but i have to be on this tablet as for over 20 years i have near tried every tablet there is right im sorry if im being funny with anyone i really am this is the bit i dont like i feel now very low again bloody tablet i get nasty thoughts going in me head again it seems i go bad when my pain is bad i think its time for my morphine as it will take some of my pain away for a little while when i take it i have to go for a little sleep as it knocks me out for a little while when i wake up i should be in a better mood ,hopefully over the holiday break my left knee has totaly given up the knee keeps popping out to the left side very painfull but i get it back in it hurts like hell but i have to do it i am going for an mri sometime shortly as my back is starting to give out more and more i know i moan i sorry for that i dont see why the dr s spend good money on someone like me i think its a waste of good money i have been told i can have new knees and an opp on my back but i have declined the offer as im near 50 years old and with all my other heath problems i will be lucky to see 55 so i hope people see where i am comeing from why waste good money on myself when it could go to help little ones get better theres lots of kiddies need things before me im sat here right now crying im sorry but i will have to go and take some meds sorry if i am being out of order in any way i dont mean tobe i have to be truthful to everyone as thats the way i am im sorry for all of you that need opps to make you better please dont think im haveing a go at any of you please its only me i am on about love to you all i will talk to you all again when these bloody tablets get better thankyou for all your careing emails i do read each and every one big hugs to you all and send love to you all thankyou take care dave xxxx

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Hi Dave please don't feel you have to apologise to anyone on this forum,as I think we all have an idea of how you feel,Haveing said that only you really Knows how you feel. We can only empathise with you but please don't apologise for being in so much pain and distress.You say your 50yrs old and you don't think you deserve Haveing a pain free and happy life,well I'm sorry to disagree with you,because I'm 70yrs old and I don't care how old you are you don't deserve to suffer. Although I can see where your comeing from. I really do hope the new year will bring with it a bit more less pain and distress to your life. We are all here for you if you ever want to rant or talk or sound off we all understand. HAPPY NEW YEAR and a Big Hug x


Hello there Dave

I agree wuth Gemini about age. David had a complete hipp replacement 3 months ago at 65. Best thing ever, Now that part of him is totally pain free. OK so the rest of his body is riddled with diseases and oain but certainly worth getting hip done.

Don't worry about long posts and rants - we all do it from time to time...more often sometimes. We do understand although obviously only you understand your own pain.

Probably a silly question but I always ask. Have you been to pain ,amage,emt? Not judt for dishing out more pills but they can talk about alternatives. Relaxation. Acupuncture. Tens. Equipment which might help. They don't have all the answers but they do have a wealth of experience.

Oh yes my other hobby horsse is pacing yourself. Golden rule number one. Don't try and do too much no matter how well you feel. Prevent that pain taking over and try to keep it at bay.

Anyway usually someone around to listen or talk too.


Pat x


Hello Digglepants, you sound very low right now, even your self esteem. Please don't feel your age is a bar to an operation that could free you of pain, people have double hip ops in their 80s. Pain is a major cause of depression, disability and immobility. You are entitled to the best treatment for your health issues if you choose to refuse treatment, that is your right of choice but if you are depressed maybe you need more time to consider the ops. You have a right to go back at a later date and still ask for it to be done.Maybe it's not the right time for you just now, Christmas and new year can get you down too. Please come back to us if you feel low and definitely reconsider an operation to relieve any pain you have never mind the cost or your age it's your health that counts.xx


Throwing you a virtual new year fluffie.

And sending you a sprinkling of space dust to help shine a light into a dark corner.

Hoping that this year brings some solutions for you.

And all of us.

God bless


Please reconsider your decision to refuse surgery I'm 57 and had my left leg amputated in May it was a long shot as to whether or not my RSD would jump to my right leg .Guess what It worked !!! I have no RSD type pain for the first time in 14years ,I,m still dealing with the aftermath of such a big op but I can honestly say its the best thing I ever did .Dont give up we are all behind you


Different unpredictable moods is part of the course when you have a health disability.

Buddhist practice and the vast amount of writings on the human condition based on the investigations by Monks of the Forest Thai tradition make interesting reading. What they found from their own study and observation is that the mind is unpredictable in its moods from one second to the next. What they have found is that as a mood comes it will go. You don't need to act on what the mood is you can just let it go.

Mindfulness has been part of the Buddhist practice for 2500 years. In this practice you observe how your own mind works.

What the psychiatrists say is reality and what is actually reality is can be two different things.

Mindfulness and meditation can be helpful for handling pain.

Hope this helps.


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