Mouth ulcer!!

Mouth ulcer!!


I recently had an emergency appendicectomy. They used a breathing tube, i was under for two and a half hours, since my operation on tuesday, I've developed THIS massive ulcer on my mouth. I can't talk, i can't eat and i can't drink without using a straw! It's really hurting! I have tried iglü and bonjella. Can anyone recommend a good treatment or remedy?

Sorry if this is not the appropriate place to post this. Can't think of anywhere else to post xx

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  • Hi Bernie 93

    Sorry to hear you're having such an awful time with your mouth ulcer. If you Google ' lip ulcer cures' there is lots of info on there which should help. Hope you have some success.x

  • If you have not resolved this yet I can make a personal recommendation. I have exactly these sores on three occasions now. First time I used Aloclair Mouthwash. The second time the chemist did not have this and I used Bonjela Complete Plus. The third time I went back to Alocair.

    Both work by numbing the pain and producing an artificial skin over the ulcer to protect it. I found the Bonjela Complete Plus caused terrible stinging pain when applied for about 3 mins. After which it worked fine. Aloclair tasted less nasty and did not sting. It just produced a skin like bubble over the ulcer.

    I recommend looking at Mouth Ulcer - and Aloclair on Amazon because they give good pictures and descriptions. Good luck, Rib

  • Ask the pharmacist, they have preparations behind the counter that aren't on display on the shelves! It looks nasty though, if it continues see your GP and get your B12 checked, nitrous oxide used in general anaesthetic can deplete your B12. Low B12 can cause mouth probs/sores.

    Hope it heals soon!

  • Hey there - I got a similar problem after having a tooth pulled - got a big cluster of them on my gum - my dentist gave me a mouthwash that number and treated it, cleared it up in no time, I recommend seeing doc or dentist. For single ulcers I usually use anbesol liquid - it does sting going on but numbs it up a treat and helps it heal faster.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi there, very uncomfortable large lip ulcers, I had one recently and used old fashioned Vaseline which helped, but another thing I have found although sounding doubtful is sensodyne rapid relieve toothpaste put on like cream works. Makes sense if you think about it they use it to keep gums healthy and the skin on your lips is the same as in your mouth , so it is worth a try. Good luck with getting it healedx

  • Thank you everyone, really appreciate it. Seems to not be hurting as much today xx

  • Please try something called Kanka. It s a yellow stinging and sticky product to apply just on the wound. It burns at first then seals the door by drying and then it heals it. I tried everything. That s the only one. Especially because it s not in your mouth it will be easy to apply because it s not as wet. I hope you can find it where you are.

  • Bernie, did you find a suitable treatment for that terrible mouth ulcer? I would well knowing if you did discover a helpful treatment, what it was that you used. Thank you.


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