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L5/S1 protruding on to nerves


Hi, I've suffered for years with back pain but nothing as bad as this, my first mri scan shown l5/s1 protruding and my second mri only 4 months later shows its progressively larger, last Monday I stood up out of bed and just collapsed with the pain to the floor, the pain starts in my back and goes down my right bum cheek down the back of my thigh and calf, and got numbness in my foot and calf, I was told by my back specialist not to go a&e there's nothing they can do, but it's been 7 days I've been stuck in bed can't sit up or stand cause the pain is so horrendous, I'm going stir crazy and don't know what to do, sorry for the long winded post, just wondered if anyone had any advise to help me get back on my feet? Just waiting for an appointment with a surgeon to come through, but if I can't get up how do I get to my appointment, thank you for taking the time to read this

Zan x

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There are both short and long term possibilities here. When I have been really disabled, I had to rely on family, friends, hired companions, and hired rides to get to medical care, wheel me in to appt., stay with me, get me home etc. No fun and expensive.

Longer term, I did have a VERY successful surgery to remove bulging disc and bone spurs. Really depends on skill of surgeon, luck, cooperation with recuperation rules, keeping healthy body weight, etc.

Over the years I have used reclining chairs, seat cushions, vary my position, and now only drive short distances. I lay down in a "bed" in the back of our car if going more than a few minutes. But I am able to do much more than prior to surgery.

My husband has had to take time of work to look after me and our 3 girls, I feel so down and useless, can't even go to the loo I'm using a bed pan which is very disheartening, just hope this appointment comes through fast so I can get some relief, hate being like this, thanks for your help x

Only movie actor Woody Allen would like being disabled and using a bed pan LOL. You are normal to hate this situation. Good luck with creative solutions and a sense of humor. Fingers crossed for a prompt appointment.

Haha!! Thank you got to laugh or you'll cry hey 😆

If you can get to a good chiropractic / osteopath with your scans they might be able to help . You should be able to discuss with the practitioner whether they can help your situation before committing.

Otherwise NSAIDs can help with the pain and inflammation. If your stomach is able to take them. A fairly strong dose over 24 hrs should be fairly effective.

Good luck.

Zanchester in reply to Madlegs1

Thank you, I'm taking tramadol, naproxen and amitrypaline but still in agony, just feeling so crap 😞

toryscum in reply to Zanchester

Could you not ask for some oral morphine to get you through this bad spell ? If the pain is more a spasm type a short course of diazepam may help.

Maybe something like gabapentin/ pregabalin for long term treatment.

Zanchester in reply to toryscum

My scans have been triaged at the hospital, need to ring up tomorrow for my appointment with a spinal surgeon, hopefully I'll get sorted soon

When I have been at the point of not being able to move because of pain and resulting muscle spasms, the only things that helped were a combination of NSAIDs (to reduce inflammation), a muscle relaxant, heat pads, and a strong painkiller (tramadol or similar). Then, once I was able to move again, very very gentle stretches to try and get the muscles around the affected area working again.

Remember too, that if it gets to the point where you end up with complete numbness in your saddle area (i.e. the bit of your body that would touch a bicycle seat) or if you have any problems with bowel or bladder - either losing control, or not managing to pass urine properly - that becomes a red flag sign that you should go immediately to emergency department with.

I have the same as you I've been in so much pain and now depression setting in I was made to feel I'm putting it all on but seen surgeon yesterday and on list for op he said may not improve anyway so now I'm more down in the dumps and I'm on mst and oramorph it helps pain a bit but makes me feel so ill what other meds could I try x

Maybe you could ask for cyclizine to help control nausea,or maybe bucastem .The buccastem eased my nausea the most when i was on opiates at high doses but i had an allergic reaction to it.Im the allergic type having asthma, exzema ,and severe hayfever and other allergies.I now use the fentanyl patch and my nausea is much reduced instead of increased considering the fact that fentenyl is roughly 40-100 times stronger than morphine. I hope you find what helps you soon. As nausea is another whole ball of wax when its severe and constant.Goodluck.

It sounds like sciatica. Or, some sort of nerve compression. Can you get your Doctor to do a home visit?

Gp does nothing but up my pills, I'm willing to take the chance of the op if offered, can't live like this anymore, my husband needs to go back to work for a start, feel so lonely and helpless stuck in bed in pain, managed to stand up today using crutches but the pain was so extreme I couldn't take any steps, and ending up back on the bed, I'm trying so hard to get going but the pain is too great to push passed it x

toryscum in reply to Zanchester

Time for GP to visit or A+E especially if there is nerve compression.


I'm now in hospital after having to phone a ambulance cause I still couldn't put any weight on my right side, and ended up on the floor trying to walk, came in last night, seen the surgeon this morning, had mri scan to see if I need emergency surgery or if it can wait a few days, those are the words of the surgeon, thanks for all your help, and I'll update with any news, x

Hi all thank you for all your help that you've given, I had a discectomy operation today and feel instant relieve from that trouble pain I've been having the last month, the surgeon told me the op went well, but told my husband (probably cause I'd worry) that wasn't just bulging it had shattered, with explains the amount of pain I was in and that I couldn't walk or sit or stand, well he said he managed to get the part of the damaged disc out, now for the 6-8 weeks recovery, hope it all goes well I really don't want to end up like this again

Thanks all again you's were my saviours in my time need

Zan xx

Hello Zan yes I have the same troubles,Pundendal nerve entrapment plus neuralgia.The nerves become super nerves and over time they become scarred.Imagine an unruly child that will not behave well our nerves in this instance are the children instead.The pain is so intense I can't sit on my bum and if I do then boy do I pay for it.They can do injections or decompression surgery.May I just take the time to say if we do in fact have the same thing then I understand your pain.I delivered big beer barrels broke toes and fingers was a boxer got beaten badly once or twice but this pain from the pudendal is the worst pain in creation.I literally feel your pain.

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