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Joint pain, irregular bowl, high tsh

Hi, can anyone help, i am suffering from this irregular pain cramp sort of pain that attacks me every now and again in my stomach. My tsh is 5.3 and i am under medication for. I also since couple of months now that i have been having a very irregular bowl system whereby sometimes I experienced loose or constipation issue! Not sure what is goin on with me. Have done all type od blood test, stool and urin and all came out normal. Now my practitioner wants me to go for an abdominal scan! Would be of a grea8 help if anyome could throw some thoughts thu!

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Guess you might just have to wait for the results of the scan. Hope it does identify the problem for you.


Hi Afsa - it might be worth you taking a look at the Thyroid UK forum here on Health Unlocked. If your TSH is as high as 5.3 then it seems to me you might be undermedicated (is your doctor prescribing levothyroxine?). Stomach problems (as well as joint pain) seem to be a common problem for those of us with hypothyroidism. You'll find lots of helpful advice on that forum about hypothyroidism.

And, of course, the scan may show if there is something else wrong with your stomach, so do wait for that. I hope it goes well for you and you can get some help for it.


I had a similar problem and a scan and Ba Enema showed I had diverticular disease(often called diverticulitis but that is really when it is active) with spasm which means you have 'lost the elastic' in small pockets of your bowel muscle. It is a nuisance but I found which foods upset me and caused spasms, take a bowel softener and anti spasmodic and now go on holidays to Asia, visit cousins in Australia and rarely have a problem. I get what I call 'bowel hurry' when I go about 3 or 4 times and pass what I call 'chipolatas' but it is liveable with.It might not be that, as there are other things that cause it but hope all goes well.


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