I'm a little teapot!

I'm a little teapot!

Thought I'd give you all a giggle and show you my 'I'm a little teapot' cast which I was in for 4 months a couple of years ago.

The funniest thing was that DLA application which included this photo was refused on the basis that I didn't need any help with personal care, I could make a meal and I didn't need any help getting around!!! Who'd have thought I'm Wonder Woman!!

I must say I did quite enjoy the tribunal meeting when I 'walked' in ( with a lot of help of course ) - their faces were quite comical and it didn't take long for DWP decision to be overturned.

Although I laugh it's outrageous really that I was encased in this, I already had two surgeries on my neck involving metal cages, two on my back, one involving an artificial disc and this surgery fused my shoulder blade to 3 ribs with a metal bar and bone graft from my pelvis. But I didn't need any help........

You have to laugh really don't you?!


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  • I got my p I,p last,year after fighting for 5 years my first appeal I walked in the building in ageny 2walking sticks they said I was fine turned me down then there were people going looking really fit and they got excepted

  • Never judge a book by it's cover. I am blind but you wouldn't know. But glad you got it in the end


  • Sorry Paton I did not mean to offend I meant people who chest the system

  • No offence taken but the 'cheats' amount of fraud is so mini it barely reaches 0.7%.

    Purely propaganda put out by Tory.

    And look what we have again today?


  • Laugh? I did so. Just glad I have double strength Tena . Sorry felas.

    And I hate to break the magic welfare spell - you ain't seen noffink yet. If Tories get back in we have even wirse to come.

    But lets play teapots for now.

    I'm a little teapot short and stout

    here's my handle here's my sput....


  • Pat did they sing that at school, I remember when I was in infant school and my early days in Secondary.

    Suppose just showing my age, two oldies together LOL

    Bob xx

  • And of course the oldie who put the title on the post!!

    I remember vividly doing the actions for my lads when they were little - couldn't do the actions now!!

  • Bet you don't know the next 2 lines Bob?

    When I get all steamed up

    I just shout

    Tip me over & pour me out

    For Curlygirl all steamed up!!


  • I certainly was steamed up in that cast through a very very hot summer!

  • love your version! :D suits me :D

    for those racking their brains:-

    when the tea is ready,

    hear me shout,

    tip me up,

    and pour me out!

  • We need two to do the action and I am daft enough now

    Would be locked up if I did the actions as I said to the GP I would stop being a teapot if they did not lock me up


  • See what you've done....can't stop singing the tune!


  • Ear worm!!

    But are you doing the actions?? 😃

  • Me? Oh yes as you speak.


  • It really is a joke how this DLA/PIP thing works, it has been made harder and harder to get the benefits, because of people in the past taking the 'excuse my language' "piss" out of the system and claiming for benefits when they don't need them. This new PIP has been put in place to hopefully filter out the ones who have claimed DLA for years and don't actually have a disability at all.

    There is a man who lives round the road from me, who has claimed disability benefits for the whole time I have lived in this house and that is about 26 years! He can walk perfectly well unaided to the pub to get drunk and he can lay on the floor under cars and bend over the engines doing mechanical work for people earning cash in hand. Now you tell me he should get DLA!! C xx

  • Sorry to disappoint you Duvet.

    The DWP did away with DLA and introduce PIP purely as a cost cutting exercise. To save 20% of the costs. To do this they removed the lowest rate of care, reduced the distance you can walk for mobility and made the descriptors harder for everyone to meet.

    Chronically sick, disabled people their carers and families have born the brunt of all Tory welfare cuts.

    The cheats and scroungers is purely propaganda put out by the last government to convince gullible people. Fraud accounts for just 0.7%.

    But not to worry about the last £25 billion they took -. they have been reelected and will continue their dastardly deeds by taking another £12 billion from us.


  • I wonder sometimes how they arrive at their decisions. I have had c.Difficile which is horrendous to recover from. As I was too weak to do hardly anything, I applied for help supported by a 20 plus dossier from my doctor. They refused me on the grounds that I could eventually recover! 9 months later I am still ill.

  • my friend's daughter has special needs and she had to reapply.

  • Its appalling the sooner the system of assessment is changed the better

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