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First appointment at St Thomas'

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Well folks, the day has arrived, I'm off to see the Pain Service at St Thomas' this afternoon for assessment. They will be assessing whether I am a candidate for Spinal Cord Stimulation ( SCS) and I'm at that jangly and overwhelmed place of really not wanting to go, not having the stomach for yet more huge surgery having had 40+ years of multiple major surgeries and countless pain management procedures. It's been relentless all these years.

I know I need to go but it's real rock and hard place stuff. If I don't go I'll always wonder if there could have been some respite ( tho it won't lead to a pain free life, I'm realistic about that) If offered and I go ahead, I'm opening myself up to months and months of appointments and surgeries ahead before I have any idea whether there will be any improvement. The thought of living with all the technology inside me is daunting too - my sons already say I'm more metal than Mum 😏

On the up side, I'll have a remote control that 'himself' won't be able to flick around the channels with πŸ˜‰ and the fun of setting off alarms when I go out of shops!!

Perhaps I'll offer pretty good scrap value when I shuffle off?!!

So, spare a thought for a scared Shirley this afternoon if you would? I'm really hoping I meet with a Consultant who actually gets what we live with. I'm dreading the going through the history bit, as even tho I've lived it, even I am shocked at just how much I've been through for so many years - very hard to come face to face with that person being me.

Hoping everyone having as comfortable a day as possible



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Wishing you the strength to get through this appt and best wishes for the future.Gentle hugs to you Shirley x x

Curlygirl54 in reply to poppyb62

Thanks so much poppyb62


No matter what the future holds you will always find the strength to keep going - just one more time. And one more and one more.

Yes you will most likely have to repeat everything as you have 100 times before. Head up, tities out and go for it.

Go with my love and support my friend. Be thinking of you this after and let us know how you do.

Special hugs Shirley for coming into my life

Pat xxx

Curlygirl54 in reply to Bananas5

What a lovely message Pat, thank you so much. With you at my side I can do all of that - except the titties out bit! Not gifted in that department!!

Thanks for making me smile every day since you came into my life but particularly today.

I'll report back later

Special hugs


Bananas5 in reply to Curlygirl54

Nothing to stick out? Oh use your imagination girl!!


Curlygirl54 in reply to Bananas5

That's dangerous territory encouraging me to be outrageous Pat!!!!


Good luck, husband doesn't regret having one fitted.

Thanks so much Missymoomoo, I hope, if offered, I get as good a result too.

Which hospital is your husband under?



Hi Shirley,

I'm not sure what you have but my husband had a discectomy 8 years ago which left him with nerve pain in his right leg and back. The only alternative after being on tablets was the Nerve Stimulator. All the way along we were told this was not a cure but will help to suppress the pain without the need for as many tablets. After the assessment he went on a 2 week course at St Thomas' a residential stay. The thought of this really scared him but they took him out of his comfort zone and helped him to gradually build up his confidence every day and find ways of dealing with the pain on a day to day basis. The relatives also get to come along one day and chat and experience each others ailments - it was a real eye opener for me. After this probably about 3 months later he had the trial modulator fitted. This involved him going to Guys Hospital and then they implant the "rods" on the nerve. They let you have this for a week and then you go back to let the consultant know how you got on and if it's fine the you go ahead with the procedure. It didn't work for my husband but everyone is different. I wish you the best of luck! xx

Curlygirl54 in reply to LouBoo

Thanks very much for the info LouBoo

I'm really sorry it didn't work for your husband - how is he doing now?

My profile has my history, I'm avoiding repeating it today as am dreading going through it all this afternoon.

Thanks very much for your good wishes



Good luck for today.x

Curlygirl54 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much - it means a lot to have all the encouragement on here


Kent and Canterbury Hospital did the procedure, under the Chronic Pain Clinic which was set up through St.Thomas'. The SNS has only helped reduce the Sciatic pain, so, no help with spinal stenosis or nerve impingment, though. Let me know how you got on.

Will do Missymoomoo

I guess every little helps?


GOOD ON YA SHIRLEY, your a great example of resilience to us all, hope things go well for at your appointment best Alex

What a lovely message πŸ˜„ Thank you so much Alex


Hi Shirley, hope it wasn't too scary after all. Do let us know how you got on. X

Good luck Shirley!!!!

Curlygirl54 in reply to Charli93

Thank you Charli93,

See my post 'Ok, brace yourselves' it wasn't exactly an ideal experience 😳


Charli93 in reply to Curlygirl54

How did it go Hun? Xx

Hi would just like to ask how your doing ? I have today had pulse radio frequency moderation and my 3rd drg due to my crops in ankle my pain specialist mention I may have to have the SCS at St Thomas if m still in pain

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