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Pocket on right lung

Hi, I am really worried about my younger sister. She is 49yrs, and not in the best of health at all.

She has a metal plate in her back, derterioation in the upper spine, has problems with her feet (can't stand for long without pain in soles) was told she had shingles in her feet? now its thought to be some kind of skin disorder.

Her GP put her on HRT tablets which she has had to come off (10yrs is up) she is finding the Menopause hell to deal with.

She was told 12months ago that her Cholesterol was 12.5 but offered no meds??? maybe because she was on the HRT???

She has had a bad headache since December, this is interfering with her daily living, she can't function cant lift her head up.

The GP has given her AB x 3 courses (said it was her sinuses that were infected) ? she is in a desperate state.

She has a prolaspe which nobody seems to want to know about? she has to go and have Physio for this and do excercises which are exhausting her and causing more back pain? I think she needs surgery for this.

She was diagnosed with Raynaulds Disease last year, yet again no treatment offered.

she is at her whits end. She went once again to see her GP, and was told she only has 10mins so is always leaving the surgery without getting to the root of all her problems.

She is on lots of pain meds , she is always in pain.

Told she had a vit B deficeincy, no treatment?

On Monday her GP examined her chest, and told her she has a pocket on her right lung?? and she is now awaiting x rays.

Still no concern over the constant head pain? I am so concerned about her.

I have told her to ask GP for the NHS health check which is available for 40-70yr olds?? but if they are not doing anything to help her so far, where can she turn?

I feel that she may take drastic action if she gets no relief from the head pain soon.

She is in bed on and off throughout the day. I wish someone could help her perhaps give her a long appointment, and review her terrible situation, and her meds.

I have to watch her struggle through each day, and its breaking my heart, what can I do to help her get things sorted out? if she could just get rid of the head pain for a starter then at least she could start to organise her health, and her life, before it is to late. Any opinions or advice would be so welcome. I am sorry this is so long winded but I can honestly say I have never known anybody to have so many health problems as she has, and she does not know where she can turn to. x

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Hi. Can she not make a double appointment. Practices in this area allow this as a way of booking in patients with a more complex condition so the GP has twice the time slot to discuss the problems.

If she is worried about the lung issue she could Ring the British Lung Foundation during office hours Mon - Fri 03000 030 555 free from a mobile plan or local rate from a land line.

There is also an excellent BLF community here on HealthUnlocked

Regards Rib


Apparently the surgery only give 10min appointments, I will try and get to an appointment with her, as Genevieve suggested. I intend to try and see if there is still such a thing as the GPC ( general practitioners committee) or some similar org. I am going to see her this week, and even thought of just taking her to a & e as a desperate option. I phoned her last night, and her young daughter said she is very poorly and went to bed at 4pm. Thanks for your help Rib and Genevieve x


Hi. Your sister sounds as though she is going through a really difficult time. Has she seen the same GP through all her appointments? Is it possible for her to see somebody else? Or even to change GP to one at a different practice?

I would also agree with RibvanRey that a double appointment would be a good idea. Also, is it possible for you - or a knowledgeable close friend - to go with her? You could then support her during the appointment. As it is the headache which is making her life so miserable at the moment, I would suggest you make this the main focus of the appointment and, as she has had various antibiotic courses which haven't improved things, maybe ask to see a specialist. Also, you could make a list of the various illnesses she has been diagnosed with - give the list to the GP - and ask what can be done. Really stress how poor her quality of life is at the moment.

I hope that things soon improve for her.


So sorry your sister has so many health problems . Sounds like your sister needs a CT of head if given antibiotics and this hasn't helped . A different GP might not help they tend to talk about patients and their issues with their bosses to ensure nothing missed other gp's within the practise may be aware of the issues and you might not get any further forward, some docs don't like to step or over rule other doc's decision. Headache should be main focus at the moment . Is it affecting her vision? Or weight bearing / walking has this got worse since onset of headache is she confused at times nausea etc any symptoms go straight to A+E dept use the headache as main focus it needs addressed , only speak to a doctor about the rest . The other health issues can contribute but the main issue is to out rule the headache and main issues causing the most problems. Hope you get to the bottom of it , 49 is not old to have so many health issues.


It sounds like a miserable existence for one so young, the trouble with anybody with multiple problems is where to start? I expect there is a bit of that in there for the G.P When you have so many problems treating all of them together becomes it's own problem, treatment for one can cause problems with another. A lot of hefty painkillers cause headaches and even Migraines. Coming off HRT can cause headaches and sleeplessness, let alone worsening of the menopausal symptoms. I think that worrying about cholesterol levels at this point are a waste of the limited energy your sister has as is the Raynards as there is no cure or medication for this ,only common sense solutions. I'm with most other members: One problem at a time, decide which is the most bothersome of the problems and tackle that one with your G.P, then while you are there make the next available appointment for the next problem, see the same Dr. for continuity. It might take longer, but it also gives the G.P a chance to get the whole picture. If you think your sister is not getting fair treatment you can complain to the practice manager, who may be able to make some helpful suggestions, my only other comment would be try to get some counseling, it really helps to talk out all the issues when you have multiple health problem, and it may give your sister some light at the end of the tunnel, there is nothing worse than feeling you are not being listened to or nobody is taking you seriously. As for you, I wish everyone had such a loving and concerned family member to fight their corner. Look after you too.

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Thank you so much Sianr and thiskitty, for your welcome opinions and advice. I will act on this asap. She is going to the surgery in the morning, and asking to be seen as an emergency for her head, if this fails or she is fobbed off again, I am going over to take her to A&E. Apparently she can't have the chest x rays to check out her lung until she finishes the course of AB? she is going to ask tomorrow for a letter to go this week. Thank you so much x


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