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right leg gives

Hi all just needed some opinions please.

My right thigh started to go weak when walking, it would come on with a very quick sharp pain, which instantly goes away as soon as it comes, just like a flash in the pan so to speak??? hope that makes sense?

It has moved down into my lower leg as well, I can feel it in the bone there (what ever that bone is)?

It just happens now and again, but always unexpectedly, I feel it will give altogether one day and I will fall over.

My GP said its nothing to worry about, but I said I was worried about it. My GP decided to send me for an x ray of my hip and knee?

I was asked is the pain coming from your hip or your knee?

I said its not in my hip or my knee, but a sudden weakness in my front right thigh, and lower leg bone.

The GP didnt even feel my leg? it was i that suggested she compaired with my other leg for vein difference if nothing else!

I really thought my GP would of throughly eximined my leg, and relexes etc, but she didnt. She just said it could be some arthritis.

Any way I have to wait 2 weeks for the x ray results, which i feel will make me none the wiser, but perhaps pickup on aging problems with legs.

Age related is what she said, felt

a bit insulted i'm only 57 years young xxx

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Welcome to the mystery club - I started off same 2005 left leg I called it locking up as thigh muscle seemed weak but also knee felt funny and as time went by below knee pain in bone. Consulted to date around 5 GP's all say arthritis. 2011 X Ray finally said fair wear tear on hip and knee left leg as that GP said could be the hip playing up. Jan 2014 pain stronger had been on 240 Panadeine Fort e 30mg a month 8 a day max. Thought body used to them turned out pain stronger! Anyway put ime on patches - Norspan - worked and still on them - pain worsened. Tried me on Tramadol Endone Oxycontin and all side effects too much so basically gave them away - refused any new - researched and found a Codeine 30mg tab without toxic paraceuitalmol and have to get it on a private script cost $54.95 a month for 100 but worth every penny as can add to the Panadeine forte 8 a day only covers 16 hours so now cover 24 hours as pain doesnt go away so cant sleep without one tablet and take them 1 at a time and write down times to make sure not to overlap paracetamol - destroys liver is take more than 4000mg a day or 1000mg at any one time in body.

I had Xrays redone late 2015 and now hip say needs replacing and so does knee.

Apart from that it is just "arthritis" . No other diagnosis. I live in Australia. I researched and asked re sciatica and other pains. Not that. Its under control most of the time but for standing up. Cant and sitting on normal chair height really unless got arms and even then need a hand to pull me upright.

so good luck with better diagnosis. But not alone. And if you get a burning pain in leg or foot of that leg develop as I did. then take B12 daily as we age we lose it and it stopped for me. Met a lady sometime back similar story and told her re vitamin B 12 - met her again or she saw me and rushed to tell me it worked for her no burning in leg. I also take CO Q 10 and D3 daily and have improved other things that they come with age. I'm a Senior.


That's very informative, marsbar, thank you for responding, it's nice to know people like you are out there. I don't know if I can take B12 withour asking the GP? But will find out.

The strange thing is I believe that B12 gets depleted if you drink to much alcohol? I always believe I drink to much (off it for 4weeks now) new year new start etc.

I did not know it depleted when you got older as well, so thank you for that information.

Was yours just a weakness to begin without pain? Or has it always been very painful, it seems you have had lots of pain with it hence the strong meds? My leg seems to niggle me through the night just a slight restless feeling. Xxx


Yes it started with a shockingly painful stab like someone had knifed me in the left leg thigh inner half up up in 2005. Couple of seconds then went away - had this for a few weeks, then the leg itself when say shopping for groceries etc - ended up only being able to go out once a week until got over it.

B12 is one of the vitamins we get from food etc but also depleted as we age like CO Q 10 and D 3.

One time docs always frowned on vitamin supplements but today with so many short of D3 due to slip slap slop campaign to stop skin cancer they are not getting it through skin need 1-0 - 30 mins a day seemingly. Now telling all to take D3 world wide.

I asked my last but one GP re vitamins and he said dont know much about them - not taught so go ask the chemist. Who said yes take B12 daily as well as D3 and he told me to take CO Q 10 for all over 50's need these in particular.Keeps our cells renewing themselves as if younger - and its this not renewing as we age due to depletion and not getting them - that makes us look our age.

Yes so do ask your GP but also chemist too. Because maybe your GP still is of the old ways - when they frowned upon us taking these supplements saying just need a healthy diet.

Now many tell you to go buy glucosamine sulfate for arthritis etc as what they once prescribed was causing ulcers in the tum so taken off the market. As well as other needed vitamins. The B group is very necessary too. I take a B Complex daily. Actually take more natural meds these days than prescribed with no side effects.

And of course the whole pharmaceutical business if founded on natural meds from plants trees shrubs and nature - that is why they are scouring the world trying to find new bacteria which is an anti biotic to reproduce in chemically.

Last I heard they have found one. We need one that kills these superbugs. 2005

I found this site years back when he first started out, get a lot of good information on health and what natural things can help. Have a look. He has grown now has full labs to test food as well as TV station etc and huge following in USA - but also some things sound a bit like conspiracies or so I once thought - today not so sure as in last 20 or so years we have learned so much of profit before consumer health or safety that one has to think where there is smoke fire follows. Give it a look see and decide. One thin is he has researched various foods for various conditions and they work seemingly.

One thing that worked for me and my arthritis, is he told me to stop eating anything from the deadly nightshade family. And that is mainly potato and tomato as well as chillies etc. My fingers were looking like starting to curl into claws I reckoned it was only typing on computer that kept them going, I dropped things too and couldn't open cans. Anyway gave up my beloved chips crisps etc as well as tomato mainly that I eat. Took only 3 weeks for my fingers to start to straighten out. Now normal and can open cans ring pull etc and got co-ordination back. I dont have RA which is what they say makes hands into claws. But still were bent and middle joint enloarged and rough - now shrinking back and smoothing out. I've passed that on and told worked to them too.

So he has a lot to offer. naturalnews.com/


Wow thats so interesting, Im right on to that, not just for me but for my husband who has PD, it sounds like a very good link xxx


Hi allofatremor

A sudden pain and weakness in the front of the thigh can sometimes be from your hip, sacro-iliac joint or a nerve being pinched somewhere in between!

It seems 'wear & tear' or arthritis is attributed to a lot of things but it's not always the case.

Your x-ray result won't pick up nerve rated issues and it depends exactly what they x-rayed to see if it's your sacroiliitis-iliac joint or indeed your hip!

If it comes back 'unremarkable' which is seems to be the 'in word' nowadays then push for a more thorough examination or referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. If it's affecting your life, even a little bit, it's worth investigating!

Best to keep asking for an answer.....

Best of luck



Rayjayc, Thanks for your advice, I will follow it through. The note for X Ray just stated my complaint (pain in thigh and knee) but I never mentioned my knee??? It also said right leg gives. When I went for X-ray they did one of my knees at front whilst I stood on a platform, lying down on my right side they took one of my hip, and side knee bent, and then one of my front pelvis area whilst I lay on my back. All very quick and routine hip and knee X Ray's I would say, but then I'm not the expert x


Leg muscles could be overtight resulting on the lower vertabrae being pulled onto nerve root. When the nerve root is hit there is a lose of power in the muscles.

A massage therapist should be able to do something about that. Yoga should be able to help prevent re-occurance of the problem.

Worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor and see what they say.

Unfortunately the NHS knows very little about the influence of muscles, muscle spasms on pain and muscle weakness.

Hope this helps


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