Unsteady on feet 24/7

Hi can anyone help me please,i woke up 10 years ago and felt fine , went to work as a hairdresser , all of a sudden my left arm felt weak and aching, then I felt dizzy, then unstable on feet and was sweating, then had cold shakes and felt exhausted. Doctors said it was sinnitus!!! 10 years on and unsteadiness on feet is horrible, its like I stop and then my body smacks into me a couple of seconds later , i have had enough of this daily battle

If I put a tens machine on high ,i feel normal again ? I don't like using tens machine as i have it that high I burnt my skin

Can anyone help me please

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  • Maybe some bloods test and a vist to a neurosurgeon

  • I ended up in hospital a few years ago and all they was bothered about was if I had a stroke or not , the neurosurgeon said it is probably migraines and then they sent me home .

    I never have headaches at all and they have been injecting my shoulder with epidural injection every 6 months but doesnt really help

  • You need a MRI and sometimes they injustice can have terrible side affects, u need to see a neurosurgeon. Speak to your doctor

  • Have you had an ECG?

  • Hi no I haven't had an ecg, that has never been suggested , i have had an mri and ct scan and nothing really shows up apart from age related discs dropping a little, but nothing to be giving me this much problems

  • Hi, I have the same, mine is damage to the 8th nerve in the brain and mine came on from taking Gentamiacin (Antibiotic) to cure a bad ear infection- The ENT specialist gave me exercises to do but they do not seem to help. My advice is to go and see an ENT specialist-June

  • Sounds excellent advice.

  • Antihistimines have helped me whenever "the room moves" and nausea follows. Inner ear fluid and sinus fluid can play havoc with balance. I use benadry in the AM and Pm. I haven't had the arm problems though. Please let me know if you find relief.

  • Yes an ENT, and maybe a consult with a pain specialist or orthopedist for the arm pain.

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