Swollen feet and legs

My feet have been swelling and lower legs have been swelling up and the feet are very painful. I am actually finding it difficult to walk by the end of the day. When I push into my flesh with my finger it does not leave a dent so am assuming it's not water retention. Does anyone think it could be related to the condition I have, spondlythesis ( sp?) and severe arthritis in the spine?

I am seeing the GP on Tuesday. Have been researching on line but there are so many answers. Just interested in anyone else's opinions.

Thanks everyone. Ann

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  • Hi I suffer from severe water retention. It can be pitting which causes a dent or non pitting ehich you seem to have there are 2 kinds.So yes could still be water retention. Not sure about connection to spondlythesis

  • Most swelling of the legs is water retension, or bad lymph drainage.

    Put a brick or heavy book under the feet of your bed. It only needs to be raised a couple of inches. This will help it drain over night.

    During the day, wear support tights, you can get them now that don't look like support tights, although the tighter the better in the early days.. Lie down and put feet up, above heart a couple of times too during the day.

    Lastly, get someone to do a lymph massage, gently massage the legs upwards starting on each foot and working a section of the leg a time.

    If these work, then you know it's water retension, if not, the dr can look for other things.

  • You have to be careful with Lymph drainage and wearing support tights without a medical assessment... The cause is currently NOT known... It could possible be a DVT or a mass or an obstruction... And you don't want to shift that... A light simple massage would help. There is a great link on you tube from an Australian Therapist.. 'Massage by Heather.com' hope this helps.....?

  • A DVT is usually in only one leg at a time. The pain is definitely felt in the leg, rather than the bone or muscle. It is hot to touch. But you are right to suggest caution.

  • A lymph massage is gentle upward strokes. You are only stimulating the lymph nodes to work again, not beat them into submission.

  • It's indeed true... Although there are at least 3 different types of MLD. One concentrates on light touch and deepe breathing whilst some look a deep tissue stimulation...

  • Dear Ann... It's always down to what has caused the swelling... Depending on your past medical history (surgeries ), medication and arthritis there could be a link to lymphoedema. The feet will hurt as the tissues are stretched and become sensitive. Arthritis is another contributing factor as well as reduced mobility gives reduced calf muscle exercises . Ensure bed rest, leg elevation, deep thoaratic breathing and take some analgesia... Some medication in some instances to cause lymphoedema. If cause unknown your GP will refer you for further investigation.... Good luck.

  • I suffer from Behçet's disease and one of my symptoms is erythema Nodosum you can find this online :-)

  • Sounds like you need to see a neurologist, i have chronic pain from knees down. Sore feet, sometimes burning, i was diagnosed with vasculitis and small fibre peripheral neuropathy hope this helps

  • Thanks so much for all your replies everyone. I will look into them all and let you know what the GP says. I shall be sitting in the garden all weekend with my legs up. Lucky me.

    First thing, off to the mobile library to stock up! My lifeline. Slow walk ahead.

    Have a relaxing weekend. PS It is illegal to do housework on a Saturday and Sunday

  • Totally illegal....

  • Hi Ann I experience the same, and have polyarthritis and fibromyalgia, I am sorry to say that my GP was not interested , and said "you have swollen legs and feet buy some support tights," can you imagine in this weather, I thought no chance, I have not worn tights since the eighties. lol . I hope you have more luck than I did

  • Hi, seeing GP on Tuesday so will let you know on here how it went. Ann

  • Hi, I suffer from severe back and leg pain ( due to 4 disc prolapses and Peripheral Neuropathy) and also with swollen legs and feet (Edema). To minimise the swelling, I dissolve about 100gms of Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulphate crystals) in 100 ml of liquid Glycerine in a microwave oven (in a microwavable dish), cool it and freeze it into a Jelly in the freezer. Apply it cold against the swollen parts, before going to sleep (Wear a loose pair of kneelength stockings) to prevent the goo sticking to your sheets. Presto! the swelling's all gone in the morning when you wake up. Repeat for a few days and see the change for yourself.

  • Hi, thanks for the advice, I am seeing GP on Tuesday and if I have no joy I will buy the stuff you recommend and give it a go. Sorry you are having a hard time of it. Onwards and upwards hey, and my signature song is " Always look on the bright side of life" ! Not easy at times. Thank goodness the summer is on the way. Ann

  • Support socks on my one swollen leg are agony so I don't wear

    them. A community nurse once warned me never to wear them

    at night. Once I had such a massive swelling the gp ordered me

    to go straight to the A&E hospital; they soon diagnosed the

    reason ---- athlete's foot between two toes ! Was I mortified.

    Infected foot ulcers will cause leg oedema so I'm always careful

    to check twice daily.

    Housework isn't illegal in my house as it provides bending, stretch-

    ing, crouching, hoovering plus all sorts of exercise, when I'm too

    sore to walk round the block as instructed.

    Good Luck


  • Thanks for the info, trust me the bulk of my exercise comes from housework, as you say bending and just moving around. Days of crouching are well over and am on a mission to get an upright hoover. Stay well. Ann

  • Could be so many things...kidney issues can cause this and just plain not moving around can too. Make sure you don't have underlying kidney issues. It could also be circulatory issues because you're not moving around as much for some reason.

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