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Well im on the waiting list to see a pain specailist and was previosly told id have an 18 month waiting list, so i mentioned that to a differant gp at my surgery & he said no you would only have to wait 6/8 weeks for a letter with an appointment. Baffles me just dont know what to expect! I should have been referred in february but wasnt as there was a mix up one gp thought i had already been referred but was never. So a bit annoyed it only me thats got to put up with the pain hey, sorry for coming across a little angry its just we only put our lives in the hands of health proffessionals and when something goes wrong it could end disasterous xxx sorry for going on katie on the upside accupunture in a few weeks for this dreaded shoulder pain 😊

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  • If you aren't sure how long you are going to have to wait, you could always phone up the pain clinic and ask. Also if you can get there at short notice, ask if you can be put on a waiting list if there is a cancellation.

  • I waited 11 weeks for appointment with pain specialist & a further 8 weeks for an appointment with a pain psychologist. The appt with the Psychologist was a cancellation which I was able to take up.

    As mentioned elsewhere in this thread, there are probably NHS guidelines re waiting times. I also think where you live can effect waiting times.

    Best Wishes

  • Thanks lucky Jim all I can do is wait hey.

  • I wasn't given pain clinics number as I was referred by my gp but I can ask for any cancellations when I get my medication reviewed next month I could ask for there number too I suppose.

  • It does depend on the area you live in. Like you my docter was supposed to refer me to pain clinic but after waiting a month or so and not hearing anything i went to see him to be told that he forgot. I really wasnt happy so i watched him refer me there and then. After another month or so i got my appointment through which was made for three months time. When i turned up for that appointment i saw a physiotherapist that specialises in spines who then refered me to a pain specialist. I got my appointment to see him 3 months later. I then had to wait a few months to start the pain management course so by the time i had finnished that i was due to loose my job as i had been off work for nearly a year. I hope you dont live in the oxfordshire area as they are crafty the way they work there waiting lists but insist they are within the guide lines. Hope you get seen sooner rather than later. X

  • Thanks ☺

  • I live in France and I can get an appointment to visit a pain clinic any time I want. Only problem is nothing they have to offer alleviates the pain!

  • Kitchard I had to wait 2 years for pain specialist appointment. Then others at the clinic had only waited a few weeks!

    I was put on the list for treatment and messaged him privately as I was informed there would be a few months wait. He emailed me back with a date in November. So glad I took it in my own hands. Good luck. Look up his/her email address and see what happens.

  • Hi there that's an awful long time to wait! I think if I don't hear anything by Xmas I'll get the number from my gp & ring them myself thanks all the best Katie.

  • no way 18 months that must be wrong the target time is 18 weeks and that is the max time go too the NHS COMPLAINTS WEBSITE

  • Yes I know everytime I see a different gp there's always different waiting times I Don't know why? I have acupuncture at my Dr's in a couple of weeks so Il double check then & ask if I could have a contact no.

  • Sounds like a good plan to chase it up at your next GP visit. Maybe you could bring it up with the practice manager that you're getting different information from different GPs and it's unhelpful.

    I've had mixed experiences of waiting times for pain clinics, and found the wait for the first consultation was quite quick, but much much longer for follow up appointments and treatments (like 18 months for acupuncture, 8 months for a nerve block). I think the problem was the clinic was under resourced.

    The doctors tended to say things like "come back in 2 weeks" and the reception staff would then tell me they had no appointments for 2 months. I used to phone and ask for cancellations in the end. But I wish I had been brave enough to write to the hospital chief executive and say that if there's an 18 month wait, tell us honestly from the start.

  • Yes it's really frustrating I just want to get it in my head how long I'm expected to wait & pain has been gradually changing & getting worse since around may this year hopefully the norttrypyiline combined with acupuncture will help a little. Thanks for your suggestions take care Katie x

  • Waited 4 months for appointment. Then offered appointment at different hospital too far away and months later. Waste time

  • Is someone at least trying to help you with controlling your pain?

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