Sinus congestion

I have a sinus congestion for two weeks now. Nothing seems to help. Doctor said to try Benedryl but it doesn't help. Pharmacist suggested Musinex D expectorant N nasal decongestant . It clears congestion for a few hours after I take pill but congestion returns. I do have green mucus and sometimes it is pinkish with blood. Any suggestions out there or have u experienced similar situation?

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  • Good old fashioned steam inhalations! Do them regularly for a few days, it should help. See a doctor if you think you need antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections.

  • thank you but I have tried that for a few days, adding eucalyptus oil to water, but no relief.

    I may have to see a doctor again for your suggestion for antibiotics.

  • I have been the same after having flu and then a cold right after one another and as I also have perennial rhinititus I have a continual drip all year round. I have been using one of the nasal salt rinses not very pleasant but it seems to help with the breathing and is less blocked and seems to be shifting some of the nasty stuff definately less coloured stuff. Could we worth a try as I know that doctors especially mine are very reluctant to give out antibiotics only as a last resort.

    Best of luck hope you find something that helps.x

  • Steam inhalations and Sterimar Nasal spray helps me.

  • you need anti-biotics, I kept ignoring it and it led to serious nosebleeds and ended up having to take massive doses of them which made me really sick, so please go to gp as soon as possible they should prescribe oral antibiotics. mine told me to avoid nasal sprays and chemist said Sudafed tabs are the best for a bit of relief while anti-biotics take effect.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I made an appointment with my doctor and asked him for antibiotics. Finally after 3 weeks of sinus congestion I am finally recuperating! Yes, one needs to speak up.

  • Sounds like an infection is brewing. I like Zyrtec best.

  • If it's green thick, pink or bloody you need anti-biotics. Research shows that it can take up to 90 days of them to get rid of the infection, so if your G.P gives you a week and sends you away go back, as for all the advice including steam inhalation it's a very good idea, it may only give temporary relief, but that's better than none.

  • thank you, I finally took someones advice from a posting here and went to the doctor for a second time and DEMANDED I get on antibiotics. After almost a month of suffering with the sinus congestion, the antibiotics finally cleared it. Nothing else worked, Benedryl, Mucinix, Sudafed, steam inhalations, only a waste of money as these over the counter are not cheap.

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