Pop in my head?

Hi, I'm literally in class typing this up right now because I have experienced a random pop in my head that made me had to get up and walk around. I felt it and heard it. I had a slight headache then it went away. Was it from my neck? My anxiety? I looked it up and the first thing that came up is a brain anyerism. I started to freak out little. I'm watch what happens. My head don't really hurt, my neck does a little but I can move it just fine it don't feel stiff. That honestly scared me. It still kind of is. My anxiety is kicking in really bad...


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  • Was the pop near your nose or do you not know where it came from, because I get random popping sounds around my nose and all it is, is a sinus clearing/opening,

    Hope this helps,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • I honestly don't remember. I feel fine somewhat, my neck still hurts abit. Might of been my anxiety. I'm still not sure. Can't call my doctor because she don't listen well.

    But I never had popping around my nose area, and I have sinus issues from my surgery when I was four. Thanks for the information.

  • Is the popping in the upper side of your head or the lower side? It is recommended to check your physician as it may lead to a severe problem...

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