I went for pain management assessment yesterday by surgeon,apparently they are going to give me epidural in the area of the fusion via Carterter,anyone had this done?

I feel so mixed up as previous epidural injections proved ineffective in reducing severe numbness in my right leg and severe backpain. In my back has anyone had this procedure done?

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  • I'm due to have a 'Racz Catheter targetted Adhesiolysis with Epidural' this coming Monday - do you think this is the same procedure? My Pain Management doc says that I have severe scarring in epidural space from all the spinal surgeries and pain procedures I've had since my first surgery 34 years ago

  • Not quite the same thing..yours involves more extensive procedure. Yours is designed to work much longer.. Good luck.

  • Thanks

  • Good luck with your procedure may well be the same type of procedure.

  • They will inject above your infusion and the entire spine will drink in the medicine. =)

    It might help you this time. For me, spinal injection was wrong place. I am going to

    have the facet joints injected this time... maybe the hips too (next time) It might take

    a couple to a few injections to get rid of the pain,,, complain often if it doesn't work,

    there are a number of things that can be tried before you call it a day on this including

    work with numbing the nerves,,, don't give up so soon. =) Hang in there.

  • Thanks for the tips will definitely be on the case of the surgeons.

  • Thanks for your encouragement and info Yikes2, sadly I have had all the procedures on offer, numerous times - have been around the chronic pain units for over 34 years now, have had 6 prolapsed discs and had 5 spinal surgeries as a result, I have a metal cage in my neck and an artificial disc in lumbar spine. I've had a thoroscapular fusion with a metal bar in my chest - aaaaargh!!!! Hence this being last chance saloon

  • If you aren't sure about the effectiveness of this, then deifnitely discuss it further with your doctors before you agree to it and specifically ask about the possible complications - the reason being that there can be complications from epidural injections that might make the risk not worth taking if you aren't confident theres a good chance its going to be of benefit.

    I didn't have epidurals, but I did have steroid + anaesthetic injections right next to my spine. The first one gave brilliant results, but the next two did virtually nothing so after than I decided the benefits weren't worth the risk. Epidurals carry a lot more risk because they are injecting right next to the spinal cord.

    Have you actually seen a neurosurgeon? If not, you might want to ask for an assessment to make sure they know exactly where the pain is coming from and whether there is anything that could be fixed or treated in a different way.

  • Thanks earthwitch.I have spoken to the surgeon and he assures me that he will not make my pain worse, I am cautiously going ahead with the procedure.

    Since it will not make my pain worse, I guess no harm in giving it a go.

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