Lumbar Spine Pain. Nerve Ablation & Spinal Cord Stimulator


Has anyone had Nerve Ablation done to help with lumbar spine pain?

Has anyone had a trail or a permanent spinal cord stimulator fitted?

My pain consultant wants to try the first one in a few weeks time and I have my first appointment next month with a view to having a spinal cord stimulator fitted. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I have not had nerve ablation. They did facet injections at 3 levels and only one level helped ease the pain for a week. I do have a permanent SCS and it is so much better than 100% pain all of these decades! I had it implanted Dec 2015. It takes that full blown pain away enough to function. But it does not cover the entire painful areas. Worth the trial if you have insurance.

  • Thanks for replying. Luckily I'm in the U.K and insurance is not a problem.

  • Thanks for replying. I had an interview yesterday with a multi disciplinary team at my local hospital pain management clinic and I've been accepted for a spinal cord stimulator. Thankfully I live in the U.K. So the cost is not an issue.

  • I am also having a Nerve Ablation done in October and can't wait. I had anaesthetic injections put into the area where I have the pain in my lower back to make sure the pain was in that area and not referred pain. As soon as I had the injections the pain was gone it only lasted 6hrs and I felt amazing no pain. I have also had steriod injections done in my very lower back into the nerves and that worked after 12 days and in that area the pain has not come back. Also I have had vertoplasty cement injections into the fractures in my spine. My brothers Freind has just undergone nerve Ablation and as soon as he came out of hospital he had no pain. He had one side done then the other 3 weeks later. He now feels amazing. When I spoke to him about his procedure he said that everyone is different. So here is hoping that it take the pain away. My doctor also said that once the nerves have been Lasered He will also inject steroids into the same area. I truly hope all goes well for you as pain is a unseen illness and no one can understand how it takes so much of your life away. I wish you all the good luck. J

  • Thank you for replying.

  • Hi I've got a SCS implanted, best decision I ever made. Mine controls my peripheral neuropathy from waist to my feet. I was in a wheelchair unable to walk due to the pain in my feet. The test promised to be promising to me, instant part was gone I walked out on my own. I've had it for 11 years now about due for a upgrade.

  • Thank you for replying.

  • Hello Sassy

    I'm from USA. I took notice of your reply. In particular about foot pain. I am 49 yr male. Was very Healthy and active. I had leg weakness last year and Mri revealed advanced stenosis at l23 and large disc bulge T12 L1. I underwent decompression surgery as advised by my surgeon. I awoke from the surgery with severe burning pain in left sole of foot. Over a year later I still have pain they alvlbeit not as bad but it has greatly diminished quality of life. I still have left outer thigh numbness they surgery did not reverse. I had a high level fusion with hardware at t12 l1. I am wondering what type of scs you have and how your feet felt before and now after the scs. Also do you know why the feet get messed up after back surgery with some people? I never had foot pain prior to this surgery. I have seen doctors who some advice trying a scs. I was looking at the nevro hf10 unit as it does not have any sensation. Doctors get concerned cause or my hardware at t12 l1 cause they have to now enter the leads higher up in the spine compared to typical cases. Some doctor said wait longer as it may take 2 to 3 years for foot pain to fade as my spinal cord may have been dinged during surgery as the disc is pulled out from the left side (my surgery was all posterior approach). Also just want to say I didn't have back pain before and I don't have back pain now. Although my back is weaker due to the laminectomies at two levels. I had leg pain. And then sudden leg weakness in the week leading to my surgery. Mri indicated proximinal cauda equina at t12 l1. I was unaware of my spinal conditions for years. I had no issues though until the very end after I went for a chiropractor adjustment and then two days later I felt my legs go weak. However I had calf fasciculations in the months leading to surgery which could of been an indicator of cord compression. I appreciate any feedback. And I'm glad you have good relief. Your remarks are encouraging


  • Hi Jerry, Seems you have been through a lot. I have trouble from T 10- L 1, bulging I get burning lower back and down back of my right thigh. I've had 2 fusions in my cervical from C3-7. Need another fusion I've put off for three years, but since a recent accident has caused more pain. I'm going to see neuro surgeon this coming week.

    My feet felt like walking on pins and needles and on fire. I've always loved walking barefoot since a toddler. Now all of a sudden I have to wear shoes all the time even from bed to bathroom.

    I have Boston scientific SPS. I did have a second one from another manufacturer Medtronic that control neck and base of skull pain. But one lead kept getting infected so I finally had to have that completely removed.

    One thing I won't ever do is to let a chiropractor touch my spine.

    Hell the surgeons are afraid of my neck. My first fusion the Dr said I'd probably come out paralyzed, I told him God got the last say on that. I'm not paralyzed.

  • Hi just replying to your problem i have had 9 disc bulges 3 back operations in l4 l5 and s1 i have no feeling in left leg below the knee but i had very bad cramps and pain in the foot.

    The pain in the foot does get better but it took me about 5 years thats with morphine . i have had nerve blocks etc none of it works .

    Nerves repair themselves very slowly but pain does get better .i also work full time it was hard at first but it did help by keeping moving i hope this helps.i hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks for the information. It's helpful to know this. The pain I have does not follow logic. Some weeks or is less and some worse. Lately it's worse. I have a dysthetic pain now on top of both feet and worse in right and also a specific localizes pain in part of the sole of my left foot near the heel. It works more when I walk and sit too long. For me it's 14 months post op so based on your experience I have a ways to go. The surgeon must of really been sloppy when he did his surgery at T12 L1. Funny I don't have back pain now nor did I have it before the surgery. It was leg pain and weakness that was my issue. Is there a preferred paim med for this. Now I take lyrica 150mg 2x and about 30 mg of oxycodone per day. I've tried methadone which was no help and Nucynta 50mg 3x which was okay. Thanks for your insights and reply!


  • have you tried gabapentin it makes the nerves less sensitive this mite help you until the nerves repair themselves. For your pain getting worse and spreading it sounds like you still have a nerve trapped regards renster

  • Hi, yes i have had a spinal cord stimulator fitted. This is my second one now. The first one was meant to last me 3-5 years, but because i had it on constantly it only lasted 2 years. I had a rechargeable one fitted in 2014. I agree with BigBadBack that it does not cover the entire painful areas but it is worth having done, i couldn't live without mine. I had a slipped disc touching a nerve a few years ago and have suffered with my back ever since. I have had operations and also anaesthetic injections in my lower back. They helped me for a while but every 6 months i was going back to the hospital to have this done, so in the end i was offered the spinal cord stimulator in my back. I hope everything goes well for you.

  • Thank you for replying.

  • Thank you everyone. I'm willing to try literally anything to get some sort of normal life back. I have already made the decision to accept a spinal cord stimulator if the consultants agree that I'm suitable for a trial and a permanent fitting. I've spent three years since my first lumbar surgery taking increasing amounts of pain relief until I was not a functioning human being. Sleeping all night and most of the day and going into work in agony because I couldn't take my pain relief. I'm lucky that I live in the U.K and as I also have an under active Thyroid I get free prescription drugs, I would have been bankrupt if I had to pay for all my drugs every month.

  • have had tens machine and it did not help at all.

  • Thanks for replying. The hospital have loaned me a 4 pad TENS machine for 3 months and it's brilliant. You are able to change the pulse length and frequency. After 3 months I can buy it from the hospital for £20 which is £5 cheaper than the retail price.

  • You can buy them new for £20 from Lloyd's pharmacy

  • I dont know what nerve ablation is but i have had a spinal colomb stimulator put in ....but also had it removed .....mine was fitted about 6 yrs ago and at first it helped but after awhile it moved and caused more pain they took it out and wanted to put another in last year but i said no, i couldnt go through it all again and not get relief i wasnt prepared to take the chance and have the same problem.

    They did say the stimulators had improved since i had mine so it may work for you this was only my experience.

    Good luck.

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