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degenerative cronic lower back disease

History: - Severe Degenerative Chronic Back Disease.

I have had the following procedures carried out without much success.

4 MRI scans 2 with Gadolinium/Contract.

2 Microdiscectomy back operations in 2013&2014.

1 Caudal epidural steroid injection.

2 CT-guided bilateral L4/L5&L5/S1 Facet1injections.

6 CT-guided Facet Rhizotomy injections.

Still have back pain, cannot walk more then 400 meters.



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A fair number of procedures there. These are usually done in conjunction with pain relief meds, alternative therapy and probably physio too. Throw in a large dollop of self management - pacing yourself and coping strategy

So....what else have you been prescribed?



Hi Damian unfortunately there isn't any miracle cure for worn out bones. Some people feel more pain than others and it's so hard to cope with when your in pain all the time. I know because im one of them. Nothing will get rid of all pain but the usual hot, cold treatments, pacing, meditation and tens therapy may help a little. It's trying to learn to live with it unfortunately which i know is hard. Im still looking for an answer and would give anything to be able to wave a magic wand for the pain to go away. You've just got to try different things and find out what works for you. X


Sweetheart every time you have an injection it causes the bones to break down, I would try something else for the pain. I to have degenerative disc disease and it starts in my neck and goes down to my lower back. I take Opana ER that helps for the time being. I've heard that sometimes surgery is needed. Praying this is of some help to you. Hug's

Mitzi xxxxx


Hi Mitzi. Thanks for your reply. I have never heard of Opana ER. can you tell me what the generic name of this drug in Europe (Ireland).



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Yes sweetheart, I looked it up and it's called Oxymorphone ER hoping this helps you as I know what it's like suffering day and night. If I can help out in anyway just let me know. Hug's xxxxxx Mitzi

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Do pain management drs prefer to prescribe ext relief Meds rather than a set dose. How does Oxymorphone ER compare to Xtampza ER? Seems like on the ER Meds break thru pain still happens


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