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Open leg ulcer

Hi it's been prob over a year since l posted ,l just thought ld ask if anyone has had or come across anything new on the market ,for vascular leg ulcers ....

I've had a open leg ulcer for 4years now nurse has tried just about every dressing ,cream patch ect....

I've also had about 6 months of shockwave therapy on it,we just tried burn cream .

But just now it's prob the deepest and most painfull it has been in the 4 horrible years

I've just been put on gabapentin ...

All suggestions would be welcome lm open to try anything at this point

Many thanx


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My Dad had terrible leg ulcers (he was shot in his leg during the war so that didn't help :( What I could never understand is each time they dressed his leg they pulled skin away with the dressing - I kept asking why they just can't leave it either open, or not keep pulling the dressing off- they just kept saying this is the way to do it. My Dad suffered agonies, but always said he knew he had to keep moving or things would get worse. I have a friend who was in an accident and gashed her leg - nothing the nurses did helped, so in the end she used Manuka honey on the very deep wound each day - the surgery were not pleased, but guess what? She is now totally healed - about 9 months later.I do hope you get some relief from your pain. Cheers :)


Manuka Honey is being used in the USA currently. I had it placed in a leg ulcer caused by VS. The honey looked like tiny pieces of cardboard put into the wound, then it was wrapped and was not to be removed for 4 days. I did not have a sticky sensation. My leg ulcer was far, far too painful to continue with this treatment.

The painful ulcers need some lidocaine 5% to be applied as needed.. plus

a really good pain pill so you can get some much needed rest to heal.. Most

other treatments can be combined with other medicines to promote healing.

If you are using a salve, scoop it out, squirt it out onto wax paper - just

the amount you will be using. No double dipping into the medicine or

you will contaminate the jar of healing salve.

I am currently trying out CellerateRX (activated collagen) It's a two

or three step system. The granulation is pretty exciting to me. In

two weeks time, the ulcer shrank in size and it has medicine in it that

deadens the nerve endings for up to two days. (Still isn't enough for me)

The special pad that is placed between the wound, bandage forms it's

own little capsule to the wound sucking out all drainage and keeping

the wound bed moist. It reminds me of bloodletting..look that one up if

you don't know what that is.. lol ..The process of getting the crusty stuff

removed is eliminated. The gel or powder keeps it all neat and clean.

I just change the bandages, the foam pad and add some more powder

or gel, put the foam pad directly on the wound and wrap it back up.

It stings like a bitch for 20 mins then the pain goes away for a day, maybe

two with pain pills - 3 oxycodone for 24 hours..I can make it to the next

dressing change..

Also Lidocaine comes in a patch. Wear the patch above the ulcer by

5 inches and then take gauze to hold the patch in place and it will

help a lot to keep the pain of leg ulcers manageable.. along with

narcotics..(3 oxycodone every 24 hours) - and using CellerateRX if

you please..

I finally have a good routine and the ulcer healed so much that it's

time for all of this fun stuff to go bye bye.. It is closed as long as I

don't bump it - mine opened after doing so once.

Good Luck and I am not anyone who has any stake in CellerateRX

nor do I know anyone else who uses or manufactures the product.

It's not anywhere around where I work and I am the only one that I

know who uses it. It is now non prescription use in USA.


So glad to hear things have improved greatly. Good luck :)

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Enjoyed your advice. My wound clinic is refusing to treat my ulcer because they want my veins fixed. The wound was healing until they rewrapped it and it rubbed and rubbed. It really hurt. They couldnt get me in just said cut it off see you at your next appoint. It was their fault , they will not treat me, until the vein is fixed. Still have the ulcer, said pain pills will not help the pain. I have been suffering for 8 months. Did I mention they wrap it all different ways because they dont write down what dressing the wound is used. Yes they put stuff in the wound and around it for it is moist and the skin is white and peels off, ans its red underneath. I am on my feet about 5 hrs a day walking and standing at times. I hate this.....Please help for it looks like I will be on my own soon, to wrap with no medicine for the would. Thank YOU...


There are good liquid solutions that would make removal pain free, rip free.

God that makes me so mad that they do not help your dad by wetting the

gauzes with the many liquid solutions before pulling the final layer off..

that poor man. Makes you wonder sometimes. ..they can even apply petroleum oil to the gauze before it goes on dad's leg to prevent it from sticking to the wound when he is changing position.. sure would make wearing it more comfortable. Another good solution is the foam layer between the skin and the gauze.. The foam absorbs the drainage up to 4x it's weight and it keeps the wound bed warm, moist - perfect for healing.

That man needs Lidocaine 4 or 5% - in the USA it's the first line of treatment..

the patient needs to get rid of the pain instantly and for a long time. Lidocaine

can do that for him. Pain pills are humanly the most needed at this time.

Between the two almost all get 100% pain relief.


Thankyou for your suggestion ,sadly my nurse did try Maluku honey,but it made the pain even worse ...sadly I'm at a loss .lm very worried because its getting deeper but maybe going back into compression bandages it might slow

It down.

I'm moving to another city in two weeks,that could be a good thing because

It means a new set of vascular consultants and doctors who may know of something new that l haven't tries or heard about.


all the very best with your you say, it could be a blessing in disguise. Do let us know how you get on :)


Thankyou so much l will do (hugs)


Have a look at



Discusses massage of the surrounding area of leg ulcers.

The above may be useful. One can only try and see.


Hey John thankyou for the links ,makes very interesting reading...

I'm going to do some research on it


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