Herniated discs and leg pain

Hi I'm new to this site,I'm 35 and been suffering from back pain for 5 years ,my back went badly last year and I had a MRI which showed l have a moderate prolapse L4/L5 and a large prolapsed L5/s1 with pain in my right leg,I had a esi which lasted 3 months but now my backs gone again ,so I'm waiting to see my consultant at the end of the month,anyone else suffer with this? ,how do you get on with day to day life. I.e. Work ,house work ? I have three children to look after which is very difficult when in constant pain .thanks louise

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  • Sorry to hear about your back, Louise. I don't have much help to offer. I had an L3/L4 problem which left me pretty well immobile. The things that helped were hot baths and a TENS machine. They didn't help a lot but just took the edge off. If you're managing to look after 3 kids then you should be really proud of yourself! David

  • Thankyou David,I am useing tens and hot baths ice aswell,like you say it takes the edge off.how long have you had you bad back for ,are you able to work and live a normal life ? As I'm worrying if I will ever be able to work again ,I'm a health care assistant ,I know it's not a ideal job with moving and handling.thankyou for replying and you are not suffering too much

  • Hey Louise, I was injured playing hockey almost a year and 9 months ago. I was curled up in a ball on the floor for 5 weeks and since then have got progressively better. Although there have been some hiccups along the way but generally I have been improving. But I still have a problem, at times my back aches and at times my right thigh hurts and gets weaker. I suffered some muscle wasting there; for example, I can't get out of the driving seat of the car without using my arm to push myself up with on the door frame, because my leg isn't strong enough to lift me on its own, but I am back playing hockey (although I hurt a bit after each game). I used to run a lot,mane I can't do that now - so hockey once a week and 3 days to recover.

    Of course, each case is different and individual, so. Wouldn't promise that you will be like me - could go either way. You obviously need to be aware of what you can and can't do. Careful with lifting; I can lift but I wouldn't carry anything too heavy and would be careful to use proper techniques - not easy with little ones, I know...I used to think I was unbreakable, but now I don't. That has been a huge change in my life and my way of thinking about myself and my future

  • I wouldn't advise doing the personal care bit,im a carer but i dont do personal care cause of my back.

  • I work in a hospital ,my job entails walking a lot being on my feet bending lifting,pushing wheelchairs and beds,so I don't know how I will get on.thanks

  • Hi lou i have similar bother and i have 3kids to look after,your right it is very difficult for instance my backs bad the now but i was recovering hoping id be better by wed or fri,however, i was doing to much to soon only a simple thing like makinv kids dinner i tripped over a bag and its set my recovery back by a week or 2 now ive had to stay in my bed for2days since but its just so hard not being able to do day2day stuff,im quite lucky in fact that 2of my kids are 21 and 16 so theyve been helpfull i dont know which1 left the bag on the floor though!haha today i went to bathroom and kicked a printer just sitting there outside my room door im sure they're trying to kill me lol ,must be my life insurance policy theyre after haha,yeah kids can inadvertently hold back your recovery time,im going to crosshouse hospital on Friday to see a specialist on this issue for first time cause my back went 6times last year.

  • Sorry your in pain,hope you get some answers when you see your specialist,have you had a MRI yet to find out the problem? My children are 13,7,9 months.so my 13 year old is brilliant with helping and my husband is good too when he's home.its difficult not to get you down,I should be able to be doing things with my children and walking my baby in the Pram but instead i struggle to get out the home for the pain,When my back hows it twists my body so I walk all tilted so I feel self conscious about this too.im ment to be returning to work in 3 weeks after my maternity but I will have to go on sick leave until I'm feeling better,if this will ever happen.

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