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Anyone ever taken duloxetine for nerve pain?

Ive had severe nerve pain in my right leg on and off for 4 years, since I was 19, and currently it's at it's most intense and has now spread to my other leg. I can't walk it's just too painful. My neurologist this I have shingles in my spinal fluid and has prescribed duloxetine, has anyone tried it for nerve pain?


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I have but it did not agree with me causing lots of side effects that I could not cope with. I had shingles so this might be part of my problem, too. I hope it has more beneficial effects for you.

Good luck, Sophie xx


Hi Sophie

I was prescribed duloxetine a few years ago for chronic pain. I only gave it a few days because I couldn't tolerate the severe side effects, including a racing heart, which I thought was a bit dodgy! I was on gabapentin at the same time so maybe that was a bad combination.? I have also tried carbamazepine, pregabalin & amitryptlilne to name a few. They are all prescribed for nerve pain - you've probably tried them already. The gabapentin was probably the best. I'm not on anything any more as I am getting some relief from botox, although I still have nerve pain that could probably do with a bit of gabapentin but I have chosen to have a break from medication.

I would give the duloxetine a go. It might just be the one thing that helps you. We are all different and respond differently to drugs. I think in my case I could have given it a bit longer and seen if the side effects settled down, but I was at the end of my tether at the time.

I hope you get some relief soon. Shingles pain really sucks.


Hi Sophia

I have been on Duloxetine since the beginning of August starting with 30mgs. Before that I was on Citalopram for depression and I had to come off that before I went on the Duloxetene. As the depression returned, my GP doubled my dose to 60mg which is the normal dose. I was prescribed it by the Pain Clinic at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee as I suffer from peripheral neuropathy which causes intense pain in my feet and legs and is also beginning to affect my hands - GRRR!! I got passed the side effects but unfortunately it has not helped the pain at all and I am due back at the pain clinic later this month. I have been put on the waiting list for a lidocaine infusion which is the last line of treatment I believe. I hope that you get some relief from your pain soon, it really is horrible and as it is 'invisible' no-one knows what we are suffering. Maggie x x


Hi Sophia, I have also been on Duloxetine my GP started me on 30 mgs for one month I did suffer from some of the side affects but nothing too bad so then my GP put me up to 60 mgs then I had severe side affects so I had to stop taking them altogether, so I would just be careful with them good luck and I hope it gives you some relief x


This answer may not be completely true to the post so I apologise in advance if I've annoyed anyone with this.

I've been on duloxotine 90mg for about 4 years for depression, but haven't noticed any relief in the pain I have ( arthritis in spine, may be starting in knees and hips now), although I must say mine isn't actually nerve pain. If you do try it I hope it works for you. Good luck.


I have chronic pain, and like many others chronic depression too - Duloxetine eased my depression moderately, (with lots of side effects too!) but no anti depressant has made the slightest impact on my pain. Despite continuing depression, I have given up on the side effects anti depressants all produce, tried them all over the last nearly 20 years, and while I can (barely) function without them I will until such point as the benefit justifies the side effects.


Hi I suffer with chronis pain and amongst a miriad of other tablets take Duloxetine it does help with the nerve pain so give it a try we are all different so keep a record of how you go ! xgins



From what I understand Dulotxetine gives a boost to another remedy - in my case Tramadol. For me it is not for psychological purposes. I used to have Gabapentin, but that had side effects.

To be quite honest I am not sure whether it is beneficial. But I don't think there are any side effects either.

Of course we are all different - what works for you might not for me - and vice versa.

Hope you find relief


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