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Hi everyone, well some of you may remember me posting about my call to dept of work and pensions lasting over an hour. And then getting the letter from them regarding the call to fill in the missing bits , this confused me in itself. I have to send this info back for 28 th this month. Then I receive a txt from them saying they have my application for ESA and will inform me on 11/11/14 if I am successful. . So I think ok ,I will fill this info in and send it back and just wait . Then on Saturday I get a letter from DWP stating I havnt paid enough national insurance contributions to receive ESA, bearing in mind that I have been nursing since 1980 and am still employed as a nurse. Confused, yeah , so am I and sooooooo angry. Well that was after I got over the years . The second letter was from ATOS with a questionnaire to fill in with a view to a face to face interview when they receive this. On top of all this I have discovered that I may not have been getting paid properly while I've been off , can anyone help with this, when you are on SSP should you get the same amount every week or does it vary from week to week, I would really appreciate help with this as if it's the same amount every week you should get then I definately need to tske it up with my work, just another problem you don't need when you have an appointment with a neurosurgeon in front of you. Thanks for reading , Morag xx

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  • Hello Morag.

    yes do remember nd think i commented.

    Firstly SSP. There is good info on line if you Googl SSP. Amount you get is £67 something bit not paid from day one. If you aren't happy speak with your employer or contact HMRC

    As to DW{ and Atos sending out letters this is normal. Right and left hand completely unaware of each other.

    They always clear their desks on a Friday so letters land Saturday and you have the weekend to worry and panic. Don't do either.

    My best suggestion is to ring DWP but not at 9 Monday morning - you'll be waiting a week on hold.

    There also some good sites on FB but their advice would be the same.Ring DWP.

    Sorry not to be more specific but Atos and DWP don't play by our rules. And get in before maximus take over in March. Then the real nightmares start.

    Let me know if you ca.

    Pat x

  • Morning Paton. Thank you so much , oh what a state I got myself into on Saturday morning, totally wasted my day , but you have out my mind at rest . I have an appntmnt with citizens advice tmrw morning so will go there and see what they say , thank you again, I appreciate you giving me the advice , I will keep you posted , have a nice Sunday xxx

  • With so many CAPs closing I didn't dare suggest one in case. But best place to start. They are more than used to dealing with fall out from DWP and Atos. Good Luck.

    Bus to town with David - Mprrospms!!

    Pay x

  • You won't get a atos interview I've been waiting for mine since last dec its a bloody shambles

  • Oh please don't tell her that! I am having my sixth Atos(sers) assessment (not interview!) tomorrow. That's my sixth in 5 years, and each time it's just 3 months (or less) after sending in my form and each time I get deemed fit for work and each time I have to appeal or ask for a mandatory reconsideration. Which, each time, costs me £16 for a GP letter!

  • hi Jaynep mmm unfortunately your messages arnt hidden so guess what I can see it lol. Hasn't filled me with hope have to say but fingers crossed the CAB will be able to sort me out this morning. Hope you eventually get where you want to be , take care x

  • Erm...I haven't tried to hide my messages, why would I? I have nothing to hide! I wouldn't hold out muc hope of not having an assessment, I have NEVER had my ESA without one or a fight to get it!

  • Jaynep , sorry but I didn't mean to offend you , I realise my mistake now , you were referring to the post before when you said 'oh please don't tell her that ' and I didn't notice the exclamation mark at the end of that and the beginning of the next sentence so to me it looked like you were saying oh please don't tell her that I'm having my sixth ATOS assessment , hence the reason I jokily said I can see your posts, so sorry if I upset you I didn't mean to, xxx

  • I would be sending a letter to my local MP that's not right what you are saying in fact it's shocking to hear

    It's one big ball's up thats just going to snowball even more when the new service provider is in place

  • Hi Theorb thanks for replying , that is my next port of call

  • What I'm saying IS 100% right. It's not often someone gets their benefit without a fight or an assessment. As for contacting your MP, mine was the benefits minister at the time and was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard! All I got was a letter explaining the new benefit rules and regs for disabled people. No help to get my money sorted (existing on £65 a week coming up to Christmas), and no offer of help either. Useless!

  • Just shows they dont care it's us and them always will be they only want your vote or a photo opportunity free pr

    No wonder I don't vote I don't trust them or have any faith in any party

  • Individually there are some good ones mine got on to the DWP Minister, I was put in the support group and no medical for 3 years, He is also leading the fight to get action for CRPS sufferers so you have nothing to lose by contacting your MP and everything to gain

  • Wish I could help but haven't been in your position. I wish you luck though :)

  • I would phone your local Citizens advice bureau and get their help to sort all this out. Ask for the disability welfare person.

  • Morning everyone, just a wee update on what's happening with me, well I went to CAB only to be told that I hadn't paid enough NI contributions so wasn't eligible for a penny , I came away in tears . However when I came home I got a call a few hours later from CAB telling me that I was due something , won't go into all the details but he told me to re apply. So yesterday when I was feeling a bit stronger I phoned DWP, explained that I had been working the years they said my NI contrib were being based on and they said nothing was showing on the computer , advised me to call NI helpline, which I did , they told me there were no gals in my NI contributions and suggested I call them back and explain to them that everything is fine from their side. So I called the DWP back and explained what they had said , which beings me to the stage where I have an appntmnt at the job centre today for them to scan my p60's and send them to DWP and they will reassess me. Meanwhile I filled in the form for ATOS for my face to face assessment which I was wondering if I should bother doing because they had refused me any ESA. Anyway I filled it out and will get my friend to post it today for me. All this is so hard, it was suggested that I apply for JSA , why would I want to do that when I already have a job , which all being well after my operation I will get back to ASAP. I'm feeling so low at the minute, why do they make all this so hard when the biggest majority of us are at our lowest through being ill and being unable to do everyday things . Take care everyone xxx

  • If you are on Facebook, there is a group called '4UP'. They help everyone who feels like smashing their head against a brick wall with the DWP. Free of charge. You join the group and post your dilemma. They have ex-DWP staff who can help you through the minefield. They are very good.

  • I would like to thank you for this information, I just hope that more people get to know about this FB page.

  • You are welcome Linda :-)

  • Hi Funkymumma thanks so much , I've had enough and feel like giving up as they are now saying I havn't paid enough nat ins contributions, it's all so hard to deal with. So thank you , I am on fcbk and will go and look them up now, take care , x

  • When I was on SSP I did receive the same amount every week. That was years ago but I don't think that it has changed.

    You really need to query this.

    Good luck.

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