Gapabentine and amiytriptiline

Sorry if i have spelt the above wrong but hopfully you will know what i mean.

Have been on amyitrip now for about 6 months 10mg at night did try higher dose but unable to function at work. Now been introduced to gabapentine too starting with 100mg at night with my amyitrip first morning after i was reallt tried but i have noticed also that my nerve pain seems to be worse and i not gone noto the increased yet anyone else had this at all

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  • Hi, I was given Gab for nerve pain. I found it made things worse and I was feeling sick most of the time so I stopped that. I have been given Am for many years to help with body pain and Migrain attacks. I usually take 25mg at night to help me to get to sleep (the drug relaxes the muscles which is why prescribed as a pain med if its muscles causing pain). I find this works for me and I'm ok next day. I have higher amounts of Am when having a Migrain to enable me to sleep instead of taking high quantity pain killers. Relaxing the muscles helps in that respect as well. However, after taking higher amounts I am always feeling out of sorts next day, tired, spaced out, depressed and tearful. It definitely wouldn't work as a antidepressent for me! In small amounts it works but side effects of larger amounts become very difficult to manage. Also its a drug given for anorexia to promote appetite so weight gain is an issue. I do hope this has been of some help.

  • These drugs all have similar side effects: most people feel so lousy taking them, they stop. A far better approach, without any side effects, is to radically change your diet: the body is probably reacting to the poisons in your diet. Try living for a month without any bread or cereals, dairy products, junk food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol: lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fish: nothing that's come out of a factory. You will probably feel fitter than you have for years! It works: try it.

  • I tried gabapentin. Did nothing for my nerve pain. Made me feel ill. Works well for some though. You just have to try and see unfortunately.

  • think its not realy working for me back at doctors in a week so see what next step is

  • Prim50 I have taken both drugs for over a year now. I found Duloextine 60mg tablets to help with combat the symptoms of gabapentin. After now being on it non stop for months I take 600mg four times a day and function ok. I've been signed off work because of my meds and current situation but I would say dump the ami and stick with gabapentin to keep a clear head in the mornings. I was so teary and depressed for weeks but without even realising things got better. It's not great but it's just about tolerable. Good luck xx

  • thanks i been fine with sleepy part till i started gabapentin so its the ganapentin that seems to make things worse has long has i take my ami at about 6pm or no later then 8.30pm i function fine next morning

  • Hi,

    I'm on both gabapentin and amitriptyline, and I take the amitriptyline at night, that way I'm not as tired the next day.

    Hope this helps.


  • i take mine around 6pm been fine till i started on the gabapentin which makes me feel groggy and sick

  • Hi,I I take 600mg of Gabapentine 3 times a day and Nortrypline at night. I started out a 300mg of Gabapentine 3 times a day and found it did nothing for my pain. It was then increased slightly each day to get up to the dose of 600mg before it dulled my pain slightly. I had to persevere with the side effects then it got better. I attend the pain clinic which is excellent and have been getting epidural nerve roots blocks twice per year. It doesn't take the pain away but makes it a bit manageable. I hope you get help as it is dreadful and miserable being in constant pain.

  • Each person is different so I do hope you find something that helps. Like I say Gabapentin is hard to get used to, it does mess with your mind, it's one I call the brain fucker!!! I was taking it for a good month before I felt a proper benefit. Speak to your pain consultant about changing them x

  • no longer taking gabapentine it just didnt seem to be for me has i need a clear head with my job so managing at mo on just amyitrip at night supported with co codemal through day

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