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Previously posted re sciatica

Hi everyone, some of you may remember I posted a few months ago regarding sciatica , I had been having problems over a few months which my GP was treating as sciatica , went through all the different treatments, Robaxin , Gabapentin, and Amitrptyline along with painkillers and eventually ended up on morphine. None of these helped with the pain. About 2 months ago I went for an abdominal ultrasound which they were unable to do as I cldnt stretch my legs out properly , and it was suggested that I maybe shld have a CT scan. That same afternoon I also had an outpatient appntmnt with a consultant , I have to say I didn't really understand why and neither did he , so he was really quite uncaring and let's just say his manner wasn't nice . Anyway after to-ing and fro-ing between ordering me an MRI scan for a few weeks time and me being in tears he decided to admit me. So I was an arranged admission the next day, four weeks I was in hospital and during that time had numerous bloods done, 3 CT scans and 3 MRI scans and they have discovered I have a tumour at the bottom of my spine called a Shwanoma , thankfully they say there is only a 1% chance of it being malignant. I havnt googled this but my husband has and he is more worried than I am . So anyway after four weeks I have been sent home on morphine and numerous other drugs along with oromorph for breakthrough pain and am waiting to hear from the neurosurgeons at the southern general in glasgow to find out what they are going to do about this. Most days I'm fine and quite positive but I do have my wobbly days where I think the worst possible scenario . Has anyone else heard of this . Having a wobbly day today , been awake since 5 am thinking all sorts . Thanks for reading . Xxx

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Probably not what you were expecting but at least you know why you were in such discomfort. There was a lady in re hab same time as me that had one of these tumours removed. She was doing very well when I left, had a few problem coming down off the meds but was otherwise doing great in the hydro pool.

I hope you get sorted out soon and can start on your road to recovery. Good luck with your surgery.


Yes, good luck. As your husband has googled (not always the best way to get info, as everyone's case will be different) , this might be the time to talk with each other about it. Try not to get caught up in catastrophic thinking- easy to say, I know - but as I assume you are with a good neurosurgeon, an early appointment there will help to straighten your thoughts out and you can plan with him, the course of action.


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