Hi everyone

I'm new on here so I was looking for a bit of advice regarding my symptoms of constant sciatica & my left leg going numb after I would walk for a few hundred metres.

I had a discectomy on L4 L5 in 2010 which was a success until now, after having an MRI Wednesday the results show I have severe spinal stenosis with a disc bulge on L1 L2, there is an annular tear on L2 L3, L3 L4 there is a disc prolapse with severe spinal stenosis, L4 L5 also has a prolapsed disc with L5 pressing on nerve root.

I would say with my symptoms I will need surgery so was wanting to know if anyone was like myself & has had surgery,what was the outcome & how long was your recovery?

Thanks in advance

Eamonk1888 🍀🍀

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  • Recovery depends on many factors, including skill of surgeon, do you smoke, have other conditions such as diabetes, etc. It helps reduce inflammation if some type of drain is installed. I hear that now they can do a nerve block at end of surgery to reduce pain. Ice? Surgeon had me up and walking very short distances a number of times a day, wearing TED hose. Good luck!

  • Medicine is crucial and necessary, I can't be a hero anymore,

  • I am in good enough health apart from the pains in legs & back if I stand for a certain length of time I don't smoke & I am able to carry out my job as a lorry driver, I have been warned by my GP to beware of the signs of cauda equina, I am still mobile enough to carry out stretches everyday

  • I understand completely. My lower back just continues to get worse.I've had 16 esi injections plus a microdiscectomy and a fusion .I feel worse now, thinking about a pain pump that's how bad the pain is, and trust me it's been mind over matter, the meds aren't working but I'm stubborn and take the bare minimum, help

  • I am guessing. I believe that surgery will not help in the long run at this stage. You had surgery in 2010 which worked. You now have severe spinal stenosis plus a number of other things.

    What is the cause of the 'severe spinal stenosis'. This sounds like a possible muscle control problem which needs investigating. Poor muscle control could have caused the other problems as well.

    You muscle control needs to be investigated?

    Not sure if I have been helpful here.

  • It seems to be my S1 NERVE causing all or most of the pain. I get sharp then stabbing pain then constant throb that shoots down my leg. Ugh lol. Thx for your input. I appreciate it

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