Sciatica due to prolapsed disc (possibly!)

Hi everyone, only just joined this forum so new to all this! Have been in severe pain for nearly 7 weeks with Sciatica, just getting pain sorted this week with 80mg of time release morphine, this is on top of Naproxen, Amitriptyline, Gabapentine,Codeine and Paracetemol, pain is still there but mostly bearable. Feeling like a zombie, MRI due on 5th March then meeting spinal team on 26th March, does anyone know how to speed up this process?

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  • Hi snooze,

    I'm sorry to hear you are suffering, but glad to hear the medication is helping. Unfortunately the drowsy side effects are common placr with opiates, muscle relaxants and especially amitriptyline..... but you will get more used to them over a couple of weeks and function a lot better.

    From my own experience, nothing is fast in the pain service unless classed as a medical emergency (life threatening or loss of function/feeling). Others may have had a different experience.... but for me, appointments, assessments and treatment are always months away!

    Take care, and I hope you receive a more permanent solution following the MRI.

  • Hi snooze, I was referred for an MRI..that took place on 25th feb, saw msk clinic as a follow up toys..and have now been scheduled for spinal injection at hospital..will be some time in the next 3 I think your process sounds quite the norm..unfortunately. Happy you are feeling a little better..hope that continues to improve. Keep your chin up !

  • If you can afford it, I understand that going private is much quicker as you are the buyer. Unfortunately half the world seems to have back problems, hence waiting lists.

  • Thanks for replies, went for physio today and he admitted it wasn't doing any good as my problem was too acute! He advised best to wait for the MRI and see the orthopaedic team. Nerve block injections could help but apparently 3 months wait, I am due to fly to Florida for my sisters wedding beginning of April, fantastic!!

  • How are you snooze1 .

  • I have Epidural shots of Cortisone, 3 dimes a year for Sciatic nerve problem. my doctor told me this nerve goes all the way to toes on feet. That explains why my heal gets very sore. Had my shot 3 days ago and yesterday my leg (and heal) is 90 % relieved. Problem is it only last about 3 months, but it is great for 3 months.

  • Sadly the epidural shots never worked for me .now see consultant again fri 21st .. looks lik I need surgery

  • I understand exactly what your going through how did you get on 5 th march

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