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A furry slipper moment

A furry slipper moment

To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


If not furry slippers wot am I suppose to be clutching to my chest then in an effort to remember. At this point I am getting into the car. Not a lot of hope really is there!

Oh yea my bright yellow workman jacket that man with a tidy mind is fed up of throwing at every morning for me to take to work.

Mr Buddha is definitely on to something I reckon. I long for a clear mind. But tis terrible hard to concentrate through the fog. And the body beautiful is just not playing the game try as I might.

Well I am blaming that and not looking for anything more sinister anyway.

When does one question the on going forgetfulness I wonder?

when I have forgotten where I put the gin bottle I reckon.

Got to get the priorities right.

Life is about how well you bounce after all not about how much you remember ok.

And while we are not as bouncy as we used to be we usually do bounce back a bit after life has thrown yet another spanner on the works.

Wishing you all a bouncing day.

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Well thst wot I tell myself anyway.

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