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Steroid injections the only answer for me?

Hi all, I had the injection in the spine early November last year and the pain in my right leg and buttocks was literally gone. Oh what bliss! After two weeks the arthritis in the spine became much more painful, I am not sure if it was my brain telling me that now one severe pain has gone, we can get back to normal and endure the original, if you know what I mean. Anyway the relief has lasted all of two and a half months and the leg pain is back in full force!

I am getting an average of four hours sleep a night which is certainly doing nothing for my looks.I have been prescribed amtryptline,to be taken at night. They do work but I am like a zombie all the next day so only indulge once a month. I now have an appointment with the specialist on Tuesday. I would like your opinions on whether I should go ahead and have the injections again and also is this it for me from now on? I have been offered the option of an operation but am not taking that up.

While I am rambling on about my problems, I have also put on nearly a stone due to lack of excercise. I read an article on the internet that advices I use an excercise bike as it is beneficial for the condition I have. Spondylothesis. Not sure if all my spellings are accurate!

Well other than that, all is well, I reckon as long as I stay away from Tesco and Aldis burgers I should be ok, cheers for now and have a good day, Ann

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Good news x


Thank you for the idea of an exercise bike. I have a regular bicycle but the danger on the roads and unpredictable surfaces have proved too much of a challenge!


I used to ride a bike but could,nt take the humps and bumps. I am going to try ebay first and if no luck will have a look at Argos. looking forward to getting some excercise and shifting the lard!


One of the best forms of exercise for bad backs is swimming, so that may be the best way too go, this will help support your weight and facilitate more gentle exercise is really the best way, the only real problem with this if you have skin problems the water may make that worse

you do not have problem, so advise former. Even if you cannot swim gentle exercise in water can help as the water supports the spine and Joints. this will prove beneficial the exercise is more gentle and work more joints tendons and tone muscle for strength. You say that you have had steriod injections, I understand that sometimes they do not work, I had several in the last year, in same locations.

Amitryptalene sorry for the swelling can sometime cause drowsiness although the dose can be varied so your GP can vary the dose for you so you may get benefit there.

Good pain control at night is essential for you so you may need to take some kind of pain control, Your doctor can arrange his preferd medication again this can be varied through out the day, remember many of these medicines need to be taken for a period of time before they work. NSIDs can be given for the swollen joints, they wii give some relief, if you are given some opiate pain control they can be supplemented with paracetamol they belong to a different group of medication.

Possibly if you want to be more proactive a Pain Pen or TENS can be used, the latter can be a v Tens and cam be used in pain control, your doctor will possibly send you to a pysio or some other proffessional to train you to use this as a nerve block on the spine.

Also the TENS can be used as an EMS, sportsmen use that to tone muscle so that will help you. If pain is bad ask too see a pain clinic they will look at more thing than I have given too

you. Remember your GP is the one you see and the hospital will know more than anyone else so they are the one too listen to. These are suggestions. If you need more talk and support we are always here

Good luck keep taking the tablets



Hi Bob, thanks so much for all your info. I agree swimming is the way to go. I have always been a good swimmer, the only problem is, it is a two bus ride each way to get to the nearest pool. I am finding it difficult to get on and off the bus at the moment. This is why I am going for the bike as I can do it at home. Mind you, if I catch the liottery I shall invest in an indoor heated pool, one that has the jets that shoot out water to massage my back! At the moment I would give all just to be able to go to sleep at 10pm and wake at 7am with no disturbance during the night. I will keep on with the meds. I am an avid knitter and about to begin my newest project which is to knit a whole village, roads, cars, buildings and gardens. Should take my mind off pain! As soon as I have learnt how to get a photo onto this site I will post some pics, have a relaxing Sunday, all the best Ann



Supper Nannie

Just a suggestion, If you are disabled and having trouble with the bus services, does your area have a community bus service, they are generally run by the council or up here the WRVS. up here you pay a membership fee of £6.00 then if disabled or a pensioner £0.50p

a mile or £0.40p pence a mile, and all we have too do is just ring them up and drop you off at where you want too go. Then do the same for the way back..

Generally your GP or Council may know that is possible and let you know how to contact them, Further now the GP can issue vouchers for health centres if it is required, this is just a suggestion as this was done for me about a year ago, just a suggestion, give it a try

Good luck enjoy your days out

All the Best



Thanks will make enquiries. We have ring and ride but I heard you have to be sixty. Even though I look and feel 90 I still have 3 years to go.Thanks Ann


Well done with the success of having the steroid injections, my experience wasn't as great, I had my Steroid Injections done in Dec 2011, on which straight away it didn't help me.

But, am very glad to hear a success story of anyone having the steroid injections done.

You take care.



Thanks, a pity it has,nt lasted longer. I am now having a terible pain in my left hip. Ironic that it only started two days after I saw the specialist. It is like a bone crunching pain and is only painful when I put weight on it. If I am sitting down it does,nt ache or throb. i am now being attacked in both legs, happy days hey! Never mind, give it another week and if it is still paining will go back to my GP. Ann


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