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True feelings of a flare up

Well here I go again I was given DMARDS four weeks ago to try and get the body fight to fight the psoriasis in bones and skin.

The problem is what fights the problem I have I am allergic to. My joints flared, my skin began to clear, The problem is the body hates this medication and I had to be taken of again, now I am in terrible pain, that I is power to the to.

My symtoms that are there on most days have multified, and I perminently been on the malt

dizziness, general joint pain throughout my whole system I cannot control it with TENS or medication, my head is spinning another symtome of my problem, there are to many flair ups too treat. My mediication has increased from to ten tablets of 50mg tramadol a day and they are not touching the sides. Iam takeing amitryptalene 75 mg at night with a well known anti deppressent, that makes you feel if you were set on fire you wound not be bothered with the pain.

My doctor says I am now on the maximum for med and will not give me anymore, my cox 2 inhibitors have also been increased by 100 percent so I am now feeling very low

That is me for the moment Ihope that I have not gone on a bit although I need to get all this out of my system

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Not at all - that's the whole point of the forum. Sharing experiences hopefully helps. If letting off steam makes you feel any better than go for it. W

What does your pain consultant say?

My David used to have pethadin injections when he had a flare up but not alllowed to do them anymore. He has to go 'old tirkey' and it is so distressing for him.

Always here with big shoulders.

P x



Thank for cercern my pain control clinic is now me I have been in pain now for thirty years,

I saw aCPN last year and now seeing ooc therapist now, I have taken all my courses and I am now basicallly on my own , I have a very good doctor and all the knowlede that I am supposed to have, so I will need to get on with it

All the best


David had several sessions with CPN before she had her Eureka moment. His depression was reactive and caused by pain! Like you - 30 years of it and would never get better. We never saw her again! She was really for those who would get better like loss of loved one, job or house moving depression.

Qw too have all the tapes, booklets and bumph produced. He has learnt - sort of - to pace hiself. s back degenerates with disease and pain intensifies it becomes harder. He could end up drugged to the eyeballs and totally disfunctional. Somewhere there has to be a middle and Pain consultant and staff are briliant at helping.

As you say - at the end of the day it is you who has to do it.

P x.


Feel free to share, that is what this forum is all about. I feel for you, hang in there, Ann


You are certainly having a rough time. Pain is bad enough without feeling dizzy too. Get it off your chest all you want.


Thanks all I have to get myself put right toot sweet, got to be able to go to my link meeting asap, for Healthwatch a new care in the community thing comming in in April. I feel I need a bit now


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