Update on my severe lower back pain

Hi guys. I have tested my meds over the last four days and found that 60mg of OxyContin keeps my pain at a level that is ok. I'm not pain free and if I do any tasks around my home, it's painful and I often need 20mg instant release oxycodone on top to cope with any flare ups and then get back in bed.

This is far from a regular life but I'm just grateful to be out of agony! I thank you all for your support while I struggle to cope.

My hope is this is just a period of crisis that will settle down. When this all started 3 years ago, the pain was like this. My MRI was normal and a year of physio didn't help much. The pain was under control for a good two years. The last year has been harder and now I'm at this place.

Day five update: the 60mg is keeping me stable but is not enough for me to get on with daily tasks. I can't stand in one place for long and I'm even scared to chuck out my garbage!

Have any of you had a severe flare up that has lasted 4-6 weeks?

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  • Have you tried Oxynorm for the breakthrough?


  • Hi. I have both. OxyContin 30 mg for 12 hours (I need both 12 hour doses to make 60mg a day) and I have two times oxycodone 20mg for BT pain. Plus, 600 mg of tramadol on top if I'm really in trouble. Thank you.

  • Yes it happens and the meds will lose effectiveness. I had to be switched to Zomorph because the oxycontin was no longer as effective. Use the drugs correctly and they do help. Keep positive

  • I'm having bad time,I did not think that this is my new normal pain level. I can't cope with this. I'm disabled now..and scared to pick up my garbage because of my back. Did you ever have a flare up that was really severe that just lasted a while?

  • I was on 80 mg of oxycontin and 20 mg for breakthru pain and it worked really well for me,until,the pain drs in Perth Australia atopped perscribing these types of opiuts.I tolerated them well,functioned fine and was the best i could possibly be.Under no circumstance will they perscribe these again.They dont seem to care at all how it helped me.Apparantly they go on the studies from America,apparantly.Good luck and i wish you all the best.😶😷

  • How do you cope now then?

  • My last flare up lasted a week,i was hospitalized and only given panamax for the first 2 days as it was a weekend when i had the episode and they said they couldnt speak to the drs at the pain clinic until the Monday.Worse week ever.I wanted to die.Panamx and iboprufen,what a joke.I was given fentanyl thru an iv in the ambulance.It was the worse pain ide ever experienced and i pray i never go through another episode like that.I pray noone else does either.

  • You poor thing. I know how you feel. When my pain started 3 years ago - it got bad really fast. I went to A and E. They treated me like a drug addict and gave me nothing! I sat there and was crying my eyes out. I thought it was over but to get the level on pain relief I needed,my own dr made me wait weeks trying all these silly low pain meds.

    I said why did you do that? He said, we have to know that it's real! My fear now is it could happen all over again as I need to put my dose up.

  • Im in Australia and they dont have a clue in regards to chronic back pain.The last time i had oxycontin was about 7years ago,they just dont care.I tried so many other bullshit meds,theres too many to remember.Too many steroid injections,rhizotomies,took me 24 yrs to see the neurosurgeon who done nothing short of a miracle.I still get lower back pain but i can live with this.It used to take me 42minutes to get out of bed,an absolute nightmare it was.I can only pray it never gets back to how bad it was before.

  • They spoke about shots for my back too. When I was asked I said hell no. Now, I would do it because I would rather die than live with this pain. Sending you positive vibes. Stay well.

  • I think i have been a crash test dummy for all these injections in the spine,unfortunately none of them worked for me,but you may get some relief,anything is worth trying when you are desperate for a bit of time pain free.Keep ur chin up.☺😷

  • That's why i never took them! I read about it. However, it may be part of getting the next level of pain care. They need to know you are 'that' serious. It's life and death man. Have a good week.

  • True that,take care😊

  • Hi JakeFukk,

    Consider having a vitamin D blood test to see if you are low or deficient in vitamin D maybe ? Taking a high safe dose of vitamin D3 cured my lower back pain almost over night and many other pains too. Lower back pain can be linked to low or deficient vitamin D.

    85% of us in Uk are either low or deficient in vitamin D, I was and did not realize it.

    Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin.

  • Thanks. I'm aware of vit D and you have good grounds to suggest it as I do not get enough sun. I have been looking at using a stand up tan bed for 2 mins each month. The research I did says we all need 10-20 mins of mid day sun to get the right levels. Most of us don't get that as we wait till the sun is lower and it's just not the same. Lack of sun causes more severe forms of cancers than too much of it!

  • Good you are aware JakeFukk. :)

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