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why can't all parts of my health proffesionals link up

Would it not be a good idea if all the health specialists I get to see could access my notes. Then I wouldn't get the 'who prescribed this what have they said is wrong with you', 'even though you said your nerve conduction studdy is ok (no I did not say that, the DR who carried out the test told me I was perfect). Physio - rotor cuff impingement = arm exercises which bring some relief, next suggestion is steriod injection, also being suggested by OH for different area, good luck with that i said to the physio, last time I had to have one got 3rd degree by docs and the receptionist (recepionist are ok at the docs quite friendly) who said, why and we don't like giving them I'm still a puzzle to the medics, perhaps it is all in my head and I should just pull myself together, ow tried that and it hurts. oh well off to work now to put on another show and pretend I'm ok. thanks for taken the time to read this, just a bit frustrated today lack of sleep is making me whingey (:

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Surely when you see your GP anything from hospital consultants is there on his screen? It is with us. Even physio reports. The only thing I can think of is consultants are not sending reports through. Have you asked your GP?

And no chronic pain is not in your head. It is real and a recognised physical condition.

Pat x


This amused me as I agree with you. Had a referral with Vascular Surgeon - "why are you here and what part....." so no idea. Then just recently last month saw GP (8th Jan) you are on the waiting list to see Dr (male) when two months prior I had in fact seen a Senior Consultant in the Department who was the top dog and senior. Six weeks saw GP yesterday (20th Feb) ince that GP's appointment my records still have not been updated with the blood results and the whole consultation when in fact I saw the Consultant in October. So 17 weeks later they've still got no record.


It looks like you are having to re-invent the wheel. Many long term pain sufferers have been there. You have not got something simple which some medical person can solve by waving the appropriate treatment.

You need to separate the its in your head caused by lack of sleep and pain exhaustion. Not forgetting the stress of all the social commitments that you cannot par take in. My experience is that lack of sleep makes the condition worse. Find time to catch up I know easier said than done.

Lack of sleep can interfere with muscle co-ordination. It does in my case. In my case I find as muscle co-ordination get worse my pain and discomfort gets worse. The shoulder joint is a very complex joint and it relies on a lot of good muscle co-ordination to function well.

Its a vicious circle. Pain and discomfort prevents me getting good sleep. I am tired the following day. My muscle co-ordination is worse. I am in more pain and discomfort. I get less sleep the following night and so it goes on.

Study yourself. Experiment and see what helps. I recieve help from both an Alexander teacher and a chiropractor.


I agree with your comment - I won't join in with my experiences or we'll be here all night.

I now take a written summary of who I've seen, what I've tried, what treatment / medication I've had and its effects etc. This seems to save time and some doctors even say it's helpful. There are always those who don't listen though. I've come to learn that if you go to see someone about X they will only deal with X even though Y and Z could be impacting on it.

The thing that makes me laugh is that the original set of my medical notes is at one hospital and the newer set at another - the staff at the second hospital are sometimes oblivious to this fact, and when I've been at the original hospital with my (bulging) original notes they've been unaware that I'm still having treatment elsewhere.

I thought the NHS electronic record system was supposed to sort all this out, but as a user of electronic records in my job, it hasn't. It doesn't help that there are dozens of systems for a start. Sorry - said i wouldn't get started on this and here I am, going off on one again...


Went to see consultant yesterday and guess what - the nerve study I had carried out a few weeks ago wasn't in my notes, what makes this worse was the test was carried out in the same hospital, so a 15 min appointment became half an hour whilst they waited for it to be faxed over.. so now I have to have an mri scan & back to see consultant in 4 months, question is will the scan be carried ou before i go back ( i have a freind who had to wait 6 months for his mri) and will the result be in my notes by the time I go back! Think I might ask for a copy of my records and copies of test results at the time if possible and carry this around with me as has been suggested.


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